First off, sorry about my sporadic posting recently – I’ve had a bit of a stressy week last week and fell a bit behind on my schedule but happy to say things are starting to look up. We are hoping to have a move date soon and while it will be a few weeks’ later than we’d planned, at this moment in time, I’ll take any bit of good news! In the meantime, I’ll just be posting as and when I can!

As I’m struggling to shoot much these days considering the house is in a bit of chaos, I figured I’d do a little roundup post. You know how much I love plants in my home. The boho side of my style generally comes out to play with the number of plants I have hanging around everywhere and whilst we’ve been packing, I’ve decided to ‘retire’ a few that just were looking a little sad and dead (whoops). The long dark winter combined with the dryness of having to have the heating on all day hasn’t helped of course and I always seem to lose a few over the winter months.

Gold Plant Stand on Black Console with Leigh Viner Print and Gold Accents

A couple of my hardy survivors – a spider plant in this gorgeous gold raised planter and a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue in a simple white pot. The print you can find here and the candle is a DIY found here. The sideboard, sadly, is no longer in production.

After the crazy ‘Beast from the East’, temperatures are set to rise again and then Spring will be here and it’s really the perfect time to update any plant collection! I’ve been gathering together all my ‘still in good shape’ plants and some of the empty planters I have and it looks like I’ll be plant shopping again once we move. I can’t pretend that I’m not excited – I love adding to my collection and it’s a good excuse, right?

Outdoor styling with raised pot plant in gold

Dreaming of summer here but you can see one of my raised planters above (which have since moved inside!) – the Spun Gold planter from West ElmΒ which I used to style my back deck last year.

So whilst I’m waiting to do that, I thoughtΒ  I’d take a little look at some of my favourite raised plant stands on the market at the moment.

I love that a raised stand gives your plants some height. When you are styling with plants, it’s always good to vary the heights of your objects. This allows your eye to move across the area rather than stagnate when everything is exactly the same height. So a raised planter gives you an opportunity to do just that. Plus? They are just super stylish right now and look amazing in the home. Here are 12 of the best plant stands I found in my search…

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12 of the Best Plant Stands UK

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So let’s talk some of my favourites!

Eden Cross Base from West Elm

standing planter from West Elm

I genuinely can’t decide whether I prefer the black or the white versions of this so perhaps I should just treat myself to one of each (any excuse, really)…? The brass stand creates such a stunning geometric juxtaposition against the curves of the pot and would look delicious in a sunny corner.

Ferm Living Plant Box in Rose

Ferm Living Rose Plant Box

I adore the colour of this soft pink plant stand and you can buy an additional brass shelf that fits perfectly on top to create a beautiful shot of blush in a room. While Scandinavian style is not normally my bag, I could happily make an exception for this one!

Solstice Plant Stand from Wyld Home

Urban Nature Cultuer Tall Solstice Plant Stand

I love the 70’s vibe this is giving off and it’s one I’m seriously considering buying. The best part is that I realised the store that stocks them – Wyld Home – is actually going to be local to me in Shrewsbury. Oh yes, definitely a shop I’m going to need to visit!

Signe Tall Planter from Urban Outfitters

Pink and Nude Raised Plant pot from Urban Outfitters

And finally, this gorgeous ceramic raised plant stand from Urban Outfitters which is just so unusual with such stunning details. At Β£120, it’s pricey but at over a foot tall it’s definitely a head turner.

12 of the Best Plant Stands feature image

So those are just a few of my favourites out of a whole bunch of gorgeous raised plant stands that I’ve found in my search. I’d love to know which are your favourites of the ones I’ve chosen? And will you be doing some plant shopping this Spring? Which plants – hardy or otherwise – have you got your eye on?Β You know how much I love to hear from you!

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