I’ve known for quite a long time that I’m pretty much just obsessed with interiors. That’s not to say I don’t have other interests in my life – of course, I do. I’m a normal, nuanced, multi-layered person just like you. But when it comes to interiors, there is a sense that it’s mine. That it’s such a part of my person that it feels as though it’s flowing through my veins. And as you are a visitor of my blog, that might be the case for you too.

12 Signs You Might Be An Interior Design Addict

My other half is pretty used to this by now. He sometimes finds me just standing at the doorway to a room looking in, seemingly lost in thought. He knows now it’s not a sign of old age and that I’ve forgotten why I’ve gone into the room (okay, yeah, sometimes it is that) but most of the time it’s just me planning how I want to change the space, what colours I want to bring in, whether that chair or table or piece of art might be better placed in a different room.

So today, I thought I’d share my little tongue-in-cheek list of things you might do that shows you’re just as addicted to interiors as I am. These are all things I do and I’d love to know how many of the twelve you find yourself doing as well. Ready? Let’s go…

#1 Every surface of your home is meticulously styled

Black and white kitchen with open shelving

I find it rather hilarious that a bunch of the guys at Wayne’s work (bear in mind he works in a bodyshop/garage) follow my blog or my Instagram. Okay, so they aren’t my target market and I know it’s born simply out of curiosity/voyeurism but they will often ask him if the house really looks the way it does in pictures on an everyday basis. He’ll respond (rather proudly which I find sweet) that the truth of the matter is that yes, yes, it does look like this pretty much all the time. I don’t set up shots or style a corner and then take a picture only to dismantle it a few moments later. I like my spaces to be styled because that’s how I like my home to look. If you do this too, you may just be at the start of your interiors addiction but it’s a damn good start.

#2 Even the most utilitarian items are pretty

kitchen with gold tap and sink

I refuse to have ugly soap pumps in my house. Or ugly washing up baskets. Or ugly mugs. If you find yourself spending just a little more for beautiful utilitarian items most people don’t give a second thought to, you’re probably addicted to interiors. You know that a pretty soap pump looks great next to your sink and that when you reach into your cupboard to make a cuppa, you want to be greeted by a sea of beautiful objects. It’s just how we are built, right?

#3 Squashed cushions give you heart palpitations

boho glam living room with olive green velvet chesterfield

The last thing I do before heading up to bed is to re-fluff the cushions on my sofa. I can’t bear to come down in the morning and see all the cushions on my sofa mangled within an inch of their lives. No, no, that just won’t do. When it only takes 20 seconds and it means me not getting annoyed with them, it’s worth the extra effort. You’re probably an interiors addict if you are well aware that there’s nothing that will throw off that Insta-vibe more than cushions that are not perfectly fluffed. Not on your watch.

#4 You choose a restaurant, cafe or bar based on its interiors

Grand Pacific Manchester Interior design seating

Yes, I admit to this and embrace it. If I’m going to be spending money on any establishment, then it’s important I feel inspired and excited about how the place is decorated. I don’t know, I just think it makes the food taste better! Ha! So, if you too click on ‘gallery’ before you bother clicking on ‘menu’ when looking at the latest restaurant to open in your area, then you’re probably addicted to interiors too.

#5 You have candles that you save for ‘best’

vignette with candles and tray and plants on chest of drawers

I have a huge collection of candles but some of them are just too gorgeous to use up on a boring Tuesday night. Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about, right? I have some very expensive candles I hardly ever burn unless it’s some kind of occasion or I’ve got company. Are you the same? Yeah, you are probably just as addicted as I am then. #sorrynotsorry

#6 You have a pair of pretty scissors that you don’t even use

DIY flatlay with gold scissors

See those gold scissors there? Yeah, I bought them for DIY projects for the blog. Does it mean I use them every day? Nope because there’s a crappy pair of IKEA scissors stuck in a drawer somewhere that is used for opening packets, parcels and for ya know, cutting things. Don’t even get me started on letting anyone else use these ones either. Wayne isn’t allowed to touch these. But but but… don’t they look pretty? If you have a pair of scissors that are more props than actual functional pieces because you like how they look in your Instagram shots, then I hate to break it to you, but you are probably as big an obsessive as I am.

#7 Televisions and tech are the banes of your decorating

coffee table styling with leopard print and burgundy curtains

You know as well as I do that a big huge black box in the corner of the room is gonna make your living room look like crap. It throws everything off, sucks up the light and is basically the bane of your decorating. Whether it’s the TV, the Skybox or the 42 other game consoles, speakers or just the hanging bunch of wires behind the console that bums you out, you know what I’m on about. Why can’t they just make these things prettier already? Okay, so there are a few out there that look the biz and so you are secretly squirrelling away money to afford The Frame by Samsung. I know it, you know it. Let’s just move on.

#8 You can’t relax if a picture is crooked

gallery wall above chest of drawers

I’m not even sure how they end up moving around but honestly, I can’t sit and relax if there’s a crooked picture on the wall. It drives me out of my head. It’s even worse when I’m sat in a restaurant or a pub or a friend’s home and I see a crooked picture. Yes, I am one of those people who will get up and fix it. You too? Yep, addicted.

#9 You’ve repainted every room at least 3 times

dining room colour before and after

I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to my home. I am constantly changing up spaces because I get bored or I want to try something different. There are rooms in my home that I am SO OVER and if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re moving, they would have been made over long ago. If you find yourself in the paint section of your local DIY store so often that they know you by name, you’re probably just as bad as I am.

#10 You have to restrain yourself from decorating other people’s homes

Marjorie Living Room Before and After - wood sideboard with artwork contemporary romantic

While you would never out-and-out judge someone else’s home, you just know that with a little tweaking, it could be so much better. If you find yourself gritting your teeth and sitting on your hands for fear you may suggest a change to your friend or family member when you’ve not been asked, then you are probably an interiors addict. It can’t be helped. Best to keep your mouth shut though.

#11 You’ve become a master at storage

pink office with vintage glass shelving unit

Swapping out your interiors with every season requires storage and you have become a master at stashing away decor in every spare inch of your home. Even my Christmas decorations up in my loft are colour-coded and I have a whole bunch of smaller decorative pieces that take up half the space in my sideboard. Well, you need things to keep it fresh right? If you have secret stashes of decor that you consult when it’s time for a refresh, you’re just as obsessed as I am.

#12 Your partner and/or best mate knows words like vignette, colour palette and swatch

hallway vignette

You’ve used these words so freely and so often that the people closest to you don’t even bat an eyelid anymore. You forget they aren’t part of any normal person’s lexicon but when your other half or your best mate uses them? Now, that’s love.

So, out of 12, what did you score? Let me know in the comments! I want to know I’m not alone here in my obsession. Is there anything you’d add?

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