Okay, let’s just start off this post by saying, I’m not happy with this room. Not really even as just a ‘temporary situation’. There are a whole host of reasons why this is not even close to what I want this space to eventually look like, starting with the fact that we will soon be starting building work on this space so I literally want to spend ZERO time and ZERO budget on doing anything with it. So why am I bothering to share it? Well, I recently asked on my Instagram Stories if people wanted to see my totally unfinished probably-gonna-stay-this-way-for-a-while rooms. And the resounding response (94%!!) said yes. So if that’s what you want to see, who am I to argue?

looking into glam dining room with glass door

My biggest bugbear with the room is the paint colour. I have absolutely no doubt that some of you will really like it. It’s sort of a dusty grey-blue which, for all intents and purposes, is absolutely a fine colour to paint a room. But I just don’t like blue in my home. I’ve learned that over the years – it’s not a colour I feel happy to live with.

pale blue dining room with faux bamboo chairs

Psychologically speaking, it leaves me feeling… well… blue. Cold and blue and it brings me down. There are certain shades I don’t mind (teal is lovely, emerald blues are great) and I can certainly admire a deep indigo velvet sofa from afar. But I know now that it’s not something I enjoy living with.

dining room mid-century sideboard styling

In fact, before we moved, I actually got rid of every single blue decorative piece I had – blue cushions and blue bedding, blue crockery, blue decorative pieces, blue art – the lot. It sounds drastic but I have SO much stuff that there didn’t seem any point to keeping it all (some I sold, some I gave to friends/family, some I donated to charity). And then we move into this house and half the rooms have been painted some shade of blue! Ha! Always the way!

sideboard styling

Now I know you may be thinking, ‘Well if you hate it, why don’t you just re-paint it?!” which of course, would be the logical thing to ask. The thing is, we are looking to do a huge amount of work on this side of the house over the next few months (see here for more info on what our plans are). The electrics need completely rewiring, that back wall is coming down and we’ll be creating an open plan kitchen-diner.

sideboard styling boho glam

That back wall? Bye, Felicia.

Add to that that over the course of the first 6 weeks we have been here, we’ve have had 4 sets of visitors – 6 if you include the next two weekends! Don’t get me wrong – I love having people over so I’m not complaining at all. It’s been great. But the few weekends we’ve had on our own to get things done have mostly been spent unpacking and getting the house in order, painting and finishing up the bathroom (you can see that here, it’s the only room I’ve managed to paint so far!) and getting plans in place for the work we’re having done. Spending a weekend painting a room that will soon be ripped apart seems to be a bit of a waste of time and energy at the moment!

dining room with faux bamboo chairs boho glam

A few other reasons I’m not entirely enamoured with this space… I want to replace some of the furniture in here eventually. The Mid-Century sideboard worked well in our old dining room but in here, I feel it’s just too dark and heavy for the space so I’m going to be looking for a replacement in the future. I also talked about my dining room chairs – I’ve had them for years and I have loved them well but I feel like it’s time to mix things up and try something different.

dining room mid-century sideboard styling

I’m also not crazy about that mirror in here (below) or the artwork. Not that I don’t like them individually, just not all together in the same space. The truth is, I decorated the living room and our bedroom first and so a lot of my favourites went to live in those rooms. The dining room has sort of been an afterthought – just a mix of things I didn’t have homes for so they came to live in here. So there’s no real theme going on at all which, to my eyes, makes it feel a bit of a jumbled mess!

round gold mirror and plants with black gloss sideboard

Case in point: On the vintage gold shelving unit is all the ‘leftover’ decorative items that I don’t have a home for right now so I see it as a place where I ‘shop my house’ when I’m doing styling posts. I love that unit but it’s not being shown off in it’s best light right now.

vintage gold and glass shelving unit

Please bear in mind, it’s in no way styled! It’s just housing THINGS for now! At some point, I will be styling it properly (you can see how I style shelves in my post here) but this is how it’ll stay for a while anyway!

styled sideboard with wrapping paper art

Oh, and if you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that what you see above isn’t actually art at all. Ya see, these frames were just empty for quite some time (see above about getting rid of blue art!) and I know I want to put something in the frames eventually. But until I’m sure of the direction of this room, I don’t want to spend time/money on choosing art. So I used some IKEA wrapping paper I picked up last year! Yep, an old trick that I used to use a lot more back in the day but figured it was a good quick fix for now so I didn’t have to stare at empty frames!

dining room table styling with pink glasses and pitcher and leafy plant

So that’s my dining room tour – for now anyway! I know it’s not a terrible looking room or anything and that it could be a whole lot worse so please don’t mistake my disgruntled-ness about this room as being ungrateful. The room has good bones and gets gorgeous light all day through the big bay window. And it’s a nice size too – it just that it has so much potential and I’m desperate to do something about that. But for now, this is what it’s looking like! And no, I’m not planning on any grand makeover before we start work so this is how it’ll stay for a while too!

pink glasses and pitcher on table with lemon

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my dining room! I’ll be sharing other areas of my house that aren’t quite ‘there’ yet over the next few weeks just so you can see how I’m making do with what we have for the time being! In the meantime, do you have rooms in your home that are just ‘okay for now’ until you get around to redecorating? I’m sure you do! Go on and share in the comments below!



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