So by way of a little update – we have finally exchanged contracts and we have a new move date of the 23rd March – yep, that’s next Friday! Can I get a HUZZAH!? I’m relieved and excited and a little bit stressed if I’m honest but ultimately, very very happy. I’m sick of talking about moving and I’ve no doubt you are sick of me talking about it so hopefully, soon, we can all just move on from all the drama and get started on some fun new projects. Of course, this means in between everything else, I’m planning like a crazy person.

Trying to get my head around using our existing furniture and accessories in totally new surroundings and what I’m going to do with those new surroundings has been a little bit of a minefield. There are rooms in our current home that I would have loved to have changed and rooms I was fairly happy with that only needed a few tweaks. But with the opportunity to start fresh, my brain is awash in far too many ideas. What I don’t want to do is simply recreate all the rooms we have here. Not only is that boring to me (and probably to you), it feels like a totally missed opportunity when the rooms sizes and shapes will be different in the next house. I chose specific pieces that I knew would work in this house but that’s not to say they will work in a different space.

Black bedroom with ornate gold mirror

Where will Meisha’s posh cat bed go? Enquiring minds want to know…

And so I’ve begun my planning in earnest – what will go where? What do I want to definitely keep and work around? What will we probably replace/change in the new place? It’s hard to say before moving in because while I have had plenty of fun with scaled drawings (I’m old school – using Excel spreadsheets and little boxes to represent the sizes of furniture we have), it’s not quite the same as actually seeing/assessing the furniture in the room itself. But in the meantime, it’s keeping me busy!

There are a few items that – eventually, at some point in time – will probably be replaced. And so that’s what I thought I’d talk about today. I’m not saying we’ll have the budget to buy this stuff as soon as we move in because that’s likely not going to be the case. We have quite a big project in store (you can read about that here) and so extra spending on frivolous items we don’t actually need isn’t very high on the agenda. But well, it’s still fun to plan and you can consider it a little sneak peek of what’s to come (that is, if I don’t change my mind six times before that – no guarantees)…

The Sofa

eclectic boho glam living room with olive green chesterfield sofa and tropical wallpaper

Oh, how I’ve loved my olive green velvet chesterfield! I’ve talked about it plenty on this blog and I’ve never regretted the purchase but we’ve had it now for 8 years and I feel like it’s time for a change. The good news is that it’s still in damn good shape so I don’t plan on selling it at this point in time (unless someone desperately wants it, then, hell, make me an offer!). I think, eventually, it will probably end up in my office. I’ve wanted an L-shaped sofa for quite some time but our current living room would never have been big enough for that. Happily, the living room in the new house is bigger than our old one so I can finally indulge my dream of having my legs stretched out comfortably in front of me whilst watching my favourite Netflix series.

I’ve been wrestling for quite some time on the colour but the style I’ve been pretty certain of from the start. I want something that looks quite tailored, with some tufting, in velvet (round bolsters are a bonus) and a nod to Mid-Century design. Here are a few of the preliminary styles that made the shortlist (ie, please ignore the colours for now!):

peggy-chaise-sectional from West Elm

The Peggy Mid-Century Terminal Chaise Sectional from West Elm is pretty fantastic and ticks a lot of my boxes. It has a bit of that structured vintage look I like but is also inviting. The only problem for me is that it’s a woven fabric and I just think my cats would probably destroy it in 3 months’ flat. If it came in velvet? I’d be all over it.

Harper Corner Sofa

The Harper-Modern Chaise Corner Sofa from Love-Your-Home is very cute as well. While I’m not terribly enamoured with this particular blue fabric, there are actually a number of velvet options available including a stain-resistant velvet which sounds perfect for my house with 3 pets! Definitely one to consider although at £2,200 it’s one of the most expensive of my choices.

Made Scott Sofa

Of course, there is the Scott Sofa from I’m sure you guys have seen how popular this one is on Instagram – particularly the green version above. I really like it but first, I’m not overly convinced on the colours this comes in for what I have planned for the room and second, I’ve noticed those back pillows get a bit squashed and dishevelled after a while… I like my sofa to keep its shape, for the most part, preferring a more tailored back along with a few extra cushions for comfort. I have seriously considered this one but I’m not totally convinced this is the one for me.


Finally, we come to the stunning Porto Sofa from Swoon Editions. I’m actually rather in love with this one. At £1700, it’s bordering on reasonably priced considering it’s good looks but basically, it just ticks all my boxes – smart tailoring, mid-century style, tufting, velvet with cute round bolster cushions to break up those hard lines. It’s also the one I’ve coveted the longest. It comes in a huge range of different fabric choices and after receiving fabric samples in the post, I’m like 85% sure on the colour I want. I don’t want to share that quite yet though – first, because I might just change my mind (I’ve been known to do that in the past); second, because I don’t really want to ruin the surprise; and third, because I’d actually like to see/sit on it in person at some point to be sure. So hang tight and in due course, I’ll be sharing everything.

The Dining Room Chairs

marble topped brass table bespoke custom furniture with white chippendale faux bamboo chairs and leopard print seats

Again, I’ve loved these chairs for such a long time and it literally took me years to get the complete set. Don’t get me wrong – I know they are a classic and I know how rare they are. I’ve had so many questions about these chairs over the years and they’ve served me very well. I’ve changed the seating and the colours of them and they are actually pretty comfortable too so that’s a plus. I thought the velvet would be risky in the dining room but honestly, they’ve not been bad at all and I’ve not got anything on them that I couldn’t remove. So they still look good too.

However, in the new house, I really want to consider getting something different. It’s just time, basically – I’ve had these for so long and I feel like perhaps I want to try a slightly different look.

Anthropologie Elowen Chairs

These beautiful Elowen Chairs from Anthropologie are the ones I currently have my eye on although, at £2500 for a full set of 4 side chairs and 2 end chairs, the price point is way too high for me. I’m going to keep a lookout for something similar, however, and perhaps I can find a set that is more within my budget (and if you’ve seen any that are similar, do let me know!). I love the shape, that beautiful peachy colour, the gold legs, I love that they are velvet (always the velvet with me) and I love the little handle on the back as a glorious additional accent. The hunt is on.

The Headboard

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

You’ll see a reoccurring theme here when I tell you yet again, how much I’ve loved this headboard. It’s been in countless magazines, pinned hundreds of thousands of times and it’s such a statement piece. I think because it’s so bold and because I’m limited to how I can decorate around it, I’m ready to try something new for the next house. I will probably use this headboard in the guest bedroom eventually and it’ll certainly be gracing our bedroom for the time being but I have a few other looks in mind…


Again, I’d like to go with something that has a bit of a vintage vibe. I fell hard for this velvet channel bed by Essential Home a few months ago but the price of it (over £4k!!) makes it completely out of the question.

Olivia Bed from Sweetpea and Willow

The Olivia bed was recently unveiled by Sweetpea and Willow and it has a similar vibe which I adore. The colour, of course, is stunning (although I’m not sure Wayne will let me have a pink bed!) but I’m even more enamoured with the shape and the gold feet and wood base. At £2675 for the Kingsize, it’s a more reasonable option than the bed above but certainly an investment piece.

Hoxton Four Poster Brass Bed by And So To Sleep

Or… should I go for a completely different look with a brass 4 poster bed? The Hoxton by And So To Sleep is a stunner and while the price makes it far out of my reach, it may be something that can be created bespoke. Or perhaps I’ll get lucky like Brynne from The Gathered Home who scored one for $100 on Craigslist! (Okay, that’s unlikely but a girl can dream.)

Of course, every bed I’ve shown is above my actual budget so either I’m going to have to get saving or I’m going to need to lower my expectations! Ha!

So those are three items that I’m thinking I might want to replace once we move. Which items are your favourites and are you surprised that I want to get rid of my sofa, dining room chairs and bed?

PS. Considering our move date is happening fairly soon, I have a feeling my posting schedule will be pretty haphazard over the next week or two. Once we’re settled in, the schedule should resume as per normal but I just ask for your patience as we transition out of the old and into the new! Thanks!

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