As you probably know, we moved into our new (old!) home just over a week ago now and the first room I knew I wanted to tackle was the living room. In my experience, it’s always good to have at least a couple of rooms sorted as quickly as possible when moving house – no one wants to feel like they are looking at boxes and chaos at every turn and I was keen to have a spot to just relax at the end of the day, no matter how much stuff we still have to get on with.

When we viewed the property, this was the room I initially envisioned tackling first. The bold plum colour on the walls wasn’t my style and I had other plans for the space but once we were actually in, I’ve come to realise it’s probably not as high up the priority list as I’d first thought. Meaning, there are other rooms I hate a lot worse than this one so it’s gotten knocked down the MUST DO RIGHT NOW list. As soon as the sofa came into the room, I was shocked at how nice the olive green looked against the walls and so for now at least, I’m going to live with it like this.

I promise you, this room will not stay this way but I wanted to share how I’ve styled it so far. The funny thing is, it looked like this within 2 days of moving in. I simply can’t live amongst chaos for too long – it drives me up a wall – so I needed this space to just be pleasant and styled the way I like. We will be repainting in time and we will be changing the flooring in here but I wanted to provide a little snapshot of what it’s looking like at the moment.

plum purple living room with green chesterfield sofa

I’d planned the layout before we even got in here and was delighted that the furniture placement ended up almost exactly as I’d envisioned. If you’ve been following my blog for a while and if you are familiar with our old house, you’ll see that there is very little in this space that’s new. But I also didn’t want to just recreate our old living room. With a different layout and a bigger size, I was able to do a little more with it which I’m happy about and having so much room to play with is a great bonus.

plum purple living room with green chesterfield sofa

The vintage shelving unit was in my old office but I knew when I got it that eventually, I wanted it to be in a room that was seen more often. It’s probably one of my favourite pieces in my entire home and it was a perfect fit for this alcove.

vintage gold and brass shelving unit Pierre Vandel

The styling on this unit has already changed but it’ll likely be a constant evolution regardless!

vintage bar cart in fireplace alcove

On the opposite alcove, I’ve placed my bar cart (which used to be in my old dining room). I kept all the artwork in here to simple black and white pieces. With so much colour happening on the walls, I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with too much.

vintage cabinet vignette with flowers and candles

The vintage cabinet is another favourite piece. It used to have the television on top of it in our old home but now it gets pride of place next to the sofa. It’s nice to have it in a spot where you can really see the details of it. Those legs just kill me and I hated that they were impossible to see in the old house. I styled it with a lamp and a few candles and books and of course, a bunch of faux hydrangeas.

vintage art deco style cabinet with small yellow velvet loveseat

The little yellow sofa really needs to be recovered. You can’t really tell in the photos but it’s been destroyed by the pets and the velvet has been scratched up and stained so I’m hoping at some point to get it reupholstered. It’s a cute little thing and the yellow works well with the walls (again, total surprise at just how well it all works) but we could actually go a bit bigger in this space so, at some point, I might want to move this up to the master bedroom and get a small two seater sofa for here instead.

coffee table styling with gold

My coffee table is pretty similar to how I had it styled in my old living room as well. The tray – another favourite – is from Sweetpea and Willow and the gold vase is a new acquisition from (as is the one you can see behind it on the shelving). More faux blooms here as well, a mix from OKA and Abigail Ahern if memory serves me.

grey chair in purple living room with fiddle leaf fig

In the corner, I’ve placed the small grey armchair that we had in our ‘Glam Cave‘. I’ve actually changed this set up since I took the pics a few days ago (well, nothing stays the same here for long) and added a small side table and moved the lamp. But it’s the only place really to put the chair in here with the current configuration. I’m not thrilled with this corner, to be honest – it feels a bit awkward but I suppose in time, I’ll figure it all out! The fiddle leaf fig made it here in one piece which I’m grateful for but it is HUGE and I think, as its Spring now supposedly, I might actually give it a bit of a trim! It’s getting a bit too crazy and looming now!

victorian fireplace styling in purple living room

I’ve kept the fireplace simple. I didn’t want to hang anything up because I’d like to be able to rotate out the art and decor on the mantle. I considered a large mirror here and might get one for this spot but for now, my tiger art (which used to be in the old master bedroom) works well enough. A bunch of dried eucalyptus and some candles finish it off and I like that it’s not too cluttered with things. In time, I’d love to get a marble surround but for now, this will be fine!

tv in living room on gold sideboard

And finally, I bought that gold cabinet from Swoon Editions for the Man/Glam Cave last year, knowing full well that eventually, I’d like it in a future living room. And it fits really well on this wall. The TV is less imposing in the space over here (especially against that dark wall) and eventually, I want to hang it so that’s why there’s nothing on this wall for now. But, I admit, it’s a bit boring for now – I keep thinking I might need to hang something on this wall. I don’t really want to do a gallery wall of art here so I might wait a while to decide what I’m doing with it.

living room with victorian fireplace glam styling

So, anyway, that’s my living room for now in all it’s purple glory! I know a lot of people said they really liked the colour on Instagram and I’ve certainly seen much worse colours on walls! So yeah, for now, this is what it’s looking like. Of course, I have plans for the space but I promise I’ll reveal all in time. In the meantime, what do you think of living room styling? Is purple a colour you’d choose for your home?

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