I realise that’s a cryptic title but let me explain. The thing is, I really was convinced that blush pink was a passing trend. I really thought it would fade out and new colours would take its place and we’d all move on from the Instagram Darling of 2017. Now, don’t get me wrong – I fell for it too. In fact, I fell for it a good few years ago before it was really much of a trend at all when I decided to paint my office pink in the Spring of 2015.

blush pink and black office with hanging chair

It was as though a switch was flicked on sometime around the middle to end of 2016 and suddenly blush pink was everywhere. And it was glorious. A rose-tinted haze fell over my Instagram feed and image after image contained this lovely soft colour. I wanted some. I mused about finding a blush pink armchair. I created room designs around the colour. I wanted this colour somewhere in my house.

The office? Well, I loved it when I did it but the pink wallpaper was very bold and I tired of it fairly quickly as I tend to do anyway. But the colour of the walls wasn’t the exact blush I was after because the undertones of the colour I did want (a more faded/muted/dirty blush) didn’t work with the wallpaper. Needless to say, I sit here, facing that wallpaper, on a daily basis at my desk so I was bound get fed up with it after a couple of years. #lessonlearned 

Anyway, the fine line I’m talking about is this… at what point does a trend just become something you really love? Where’s the line drawn between something that’s a passing fad that you quite fancy trying out yourself and a love affair that is bound to last 5 or 10 years? And I find that I am struggling to answer that question because dammit if I still don’t love me some blush pink, even 3 years on. The ridiculous thing is, I don’t WANT to like it because I’ve convinced myself it’s too trendy to actually invest heavily in it and I can’t afford to replace my furniture every 2 years once the trend passes.

Urban Outfitters blush pink velvet sofa

Urban Outfitters velvet sofa – yes, of course I love it.

And yet, I find myself planning the decor in our next home and blush pink is working its way into each room. I’m utterly in love with a few colour schemes right now and every damn one contains blush pink (and plenty of gold because it’s not a trend to me, having loved it for about 7 years now). Here are a few of them…

Blush, Peach and Burgundy Colour Scheme

Burgundy, peach and blush pink artwork with gold vintage console table

The first is this – burgundy, peach and blush pink. I fell hard for this gorgeous image, the home of Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine of Hawkins New York as seen in Sight Unseen and photographed by Pippa Drummond. I mean, the Milo Baughman console is a stunner, don’t get me wrong, but the artwork celebrating this colour combination is glorious.

Here’s another picture if you are unconvinced as of yet…

Blush Pink, Peach and Burgundy flower arrangement

This whole image, created by the very talented Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete is essentially the same combination. It just works beautifully.

The Design Files Open House featuring amazing blush pink tones

Here it is again as featured in The Design Files Open House in Australia, curated by TDF founder Lucy Feagins with styling by Annie Portelli and photography by Eve Wilson where an entire space is dedicated to this colour combination of blush pink, peach and burgundy. I’m not a huge fan of the blue rug personally but everything else is incredible.

Chiswick Firestation's incredible blush pink interiors

And one last time at No197 Chiswick Firestation as photographed by The Lovely Drawer and yes, every image also contains some measure of greenery but again, that’s just a given. Give me some blush pink and burgundy velvet in the same room, throw in some lush plant life and I’m utterly smitten.

Blush and Mustard Colour Scheme

The second is what I shared in my bedroom with you recently – mustard and blush. I love how moody it looks in combination with the black walls…

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

But it looks just as lovely with white walls too…

Kate La Vie Bedroom in gorgeous mustard and blush pink

Also, I love that Kate La Vie’s bedroom above is like the reverse of my scheme above. A blush pink headboard with mustard yellow cushions instead of the other way around – and of course, white walls instead of black.

Bedroom in blush pink and mustard

And here again with a similar vibe is again the home of Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine of Hawkins New York from Sight Unseen. That crinkled linen bedding is just giving me all the cosy vibes.

Greige and Blush Colour Scheme

H&M Home Spring 2018 with gorgeous blush pink bedding

The third is just gloriously gentle and relaxed and it’s another colour I’m finding myself drawn to but again, in combination with blush – and that’s greige. Warmer than grey and leaning more into beige (yes, I know, me liking any form of beige – WHO AM I?!) there’s something wonderfully warming about this colour combination and it’s a serious contender for at least one or two rooms in the new house if we ever get in there!

It just looks beautiful with blush as evidence in the photos above and below from H&M’s 2018 Spring Lookbook, created by stylist Lotta Agaton with art direction by Therese Sennerholt and photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt. For me personally, I’d have loved a tiny bit more contrast, however – a touch of deep rust perhaps?

hm home spring 2018 featuring gorgeous blush pink tones

Ahhh, yes, see, that’s better. The blush here is just a subtle accent but this colour combination is just warm and wonderful especially with all that natural wood.

H&M Home Spring Colour Trends 2018 featuring blush pink

Notice in the image above there’s a bit of burgundy and rust shades as well as a little mustard in the background. Like I said, it’s that bit of contrast that really works so well against that greige sofa. *Sigh* I love it. I can’t help myself.

And so I find myself wondering if I should just go for it. I mean, one of the main things about any trending colour is in its availability. At the moment, blush pink is pretty much everywhere and whether it’s furniture, accessories, art, wallpaper – you name it, you can find it at varying price points. So that’s another reason I’m thinking it might be something to just embrace. If, after 3 years, my love affair with blush has not waned and I’m fighting it, should I just give in? After all, I always tell people, if you love something, it’ll have longevity in your home.

But do I still love it because it’s still trending or do I love it because I love it? I suppose there may be only one way to find out and that’s to just do it and see how it goes. How do you convince yourself you actually love something or if you are just being influenced by a trend? Are you loving these colour combinations as much as I am? Let me know in the comments.

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