As I mentioned in this post, I was thrilled to be included in Open Plan Living’s Top Interior Design Blogs. I admit, I wasn’t that familiar with their website but when I had a look around, I was pretty blown away by some of their gorgeous furniture.

I pinned away quite happily but something made me go back and have another look at this stunning blush velvet sofa.

blush pink velvet sofa from open plan

I mean, it’s basically perfection in my eyes and while I adore my own velvet sofa (with no plans to replace it), it did lead me to a bit of dreaming.

(Just a side note, check out this chair as well. WANT.)

At times, I just like to throw some designs together with no particular budget in mind – just using some of the pretty things I’ve seen lately. And that’s how this moodboard came about so I thought I’d share it today!

Blush Pink Living Room design

That stunning pale pink sofa, a bright graphic rug and some bold floral wallpaper. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to get away with this with Wayne and I have no intention of completely updating my living room when it was only just given a little makeover last year – but this is just pretend so let’s have a little closer look! ;)

The wallpaper was recently shared on my blog – it’s from Eades Bespoke and it’s just amazing, isn’t it? Plus there’s a special discount for Swoon Worthy readers until the end of May so if you love it too, don’t let that one pass you by.


*one use per customer, 20% off applies to wallpaper only, discount code ends midnight on 31 May 2016.

The rug is from Anthropologie. I considered using the ubiquitous (but beautiful) Beni Ouarain rug in this but the pale greys, gold and black worked so nicely with the wallpaper and as I was going for proper boho glam here, it just seemed a good choice.

The chairs are also from Open Plan Living. The caning brings a bit of natural texture to the scheme which I wanted and the mid-century design gives it a bit of eclecticism. Plus, a velvet seat. I mean. If that isn’t eclectic boho glam, I don’t know what is.

Open Plan Living Wormley chair - cane back with velvet mid century chair

The gold and glass coffee table is from Within Home. They just have some stunning coffee tables but I felt there was so much already going on in the room with all those patterns (you know I’m not adverse to mixing patterns) but I figured something with simple lines would be best here.

Hemingway Coffee Table from Within Home

Can we talk about that light fixture for a second? Oh my god. So good. It’s the Rendo pendant from Lamps Gallerian, a Swedish based company that just has some fantastic choices. I am in need of two light fixtures at the moment – one for my bedroom (I sold the light that was there back in January and still haven’t replaced it!) and for my dressing room (the light fixture has died sadly and we haven’t been able to fix it!) so I’ve been eyeing up a few things on their site although this is probably a bit too big for my home. In my fantasy living room, I’d have 14 foot ceilings with ornate original cornicing though so it all works out. FANTASY LAND IS GREAT.

rondo pendant light

Speaking of lighting, this fabulous feather light has been doing the rounds online and little wonder why. FEATHERS PEOPLE. This one is from The French Bedroom Company and it brings such a wonderful whimsical quality to the room. I need this somewhere in my house.


The artwork is from Society 6*. I just love that the print isn’t overtly feminine like the rest of the space. This is basically how I feel by Friday afternoon. (*affiliate link) 

Loose Canon Print from Society 6

The little wood side table is from West Elm. I love the mixed materials and the geometric shape here. It just grounds the design and gives it a bit more of that boho look that I love plus a layer of white marble! Oh yes please.

Multi layered wood metal and marble side table from West Elm

The laundry basket I decided to repurpose as a planter and it’s also on my wishlist and also from West Elm. You could just line it in plastic and put your pot right in there with no issue, right? It could work! A nod to those beautiful Moroccan wedding blankets, it adds a lovely texture to my fantasy space.

West Elm Moroccan Wedding Hamper

And finally the cushions! All from H&M, all super affordable.

HM Cushions

So all those items are ones I’ve been lusting after and they make for a very special space, don’t you think?

Blush Pink Living Room design

Is this a room you could totally be happy in? Or do you like having these spaces just for fantasy too? Any favourites of the things I’ve chosen? Go on, talk to me.

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In case you were wondering, this post is not sponsored in any way – I just liked this stuff and wanted to share! ;)

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