I have to admit, one of the things I’ve really missed about the restrictions we currently have in place is that I haven’t had any overnight guests for months. It’s something I really love and finally having a dedicated guest bedroom to provide to friends and family when they visit has been something I’ve really enjoyed since we moved into our home 2 years ago (time flies, eh?).

bengal cat sleeping on bed with pink velvet and mustard yellow patterned bedspread

However, aside from only Meisha really sleeping in here, we don’t have any guests right now so it’s given me the chance to make some small changes to this space. There are so many more things I’d like to do here, of course. The biggest job that needs to be completed is a complete rewiring of all the electrics (we’re doing this in stages – so at this point, half the house is on the new consumer unit, half is still on the old!). It’s a big, messy job and so I’ve resisted the urge to make any real permanent changes to the room like removing the old lining paper on the ceiling, replacing the carpet or repainting the walls which are desperate for a fresh coat.

corner of pink and mustard bedroom with corner gallery wall

In the meantime, everything I’m doing is simply cosmetic and things I can easily just move out of the space and when the work is finally done, move it all back in. And while this room isn’t necessarily one of those ‘favourited’ spaces by readers and followers (that honour would go to the kitchen and our master bedroom!), I do have to say that I actually really love this space.

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view from hallway into pink bedroom with mustard and rattan accents

And it’s not just the decor. For whatever reason (possibly the light it receives – something else?) the room always just has this lovely soft warm feeling when you walk in. It’s something that’s impossible to capture in a picture, it’s just something you feel inside your bones. It’s a bit like when you are house-hunting – ya know that feeling when it’s like, ‘Yep, this has a nice feeling’? It’s that. The room just has such a nice energy to it and it’s not something I can easily explain.

pink walls and yellow velvet bedroom with rattan bookshelf

Capturing that feeling of warmth and light that the guest bedroom provides has been a high priority for me whilst I’ve been designing it – if you can even call it ‘designing’. It’s been a really slow burner this space, just making small changes as I go and finding the right pieces for it. I do love slow decorating and whilst I know everyone (including me) loves the big impact of a major before and after, sadly you’ll probably never get that from this room. I’m taking my time on it for sure!

pink bedroom with golden yellow velvet headboard, pink and mustard pattern bedspread and vintage rattan shelving unit

I already spoke about the vintage rattan unit that I scored but the biggest change I’ve made recently is that absolutely gorgeous bedspread. I’ve been keeping my eye out for months and months (maybe longer) for a bedspread or large throw for this room. I knew I wanted something that leaned a bit more towards my love of bohemian design (this room is all about comfort and relaxation after all) and I wanted it to tie the pink and mustard yellow palette I have in here.

boho bedroom with patterned yellow bedspread against pink walls

Enter this beauty from Oliver Bonas which floated like a dove and landed in my inbox – I purchased it the same day, worried it would go out of stock before I got the chance to think it over too much and its probably one of my favourite impulse-buys this year! ;) The pale salmon-pink velvet is luxuriously quilted and soft and the printed cotton is vibrant and bonus, it’s machine-washable – it’s exactly what I’d been looking for.

mint green chest of drawers in corner of bedroom with ornate mirror

The other thing I loved about it is how well the bedspread now works with the curtains in this room – another addition I’d not shared previously here but something I’d purchased around the Christmas sales period from Habitat. I had realised after sleeping in this room one night (I can’t remember why but occasionally we do sleep here if one of us is ill or Wayne is snoring so loudly it’s keeping me awake!) how bright it was in the early morning with just the thin white cotton curtain I’d had previously. This one is a bit heavier but still allows for that warm golden light to gently rouse you from what I would hope for my guest’s sake was a good night’s sleep.

corner of room with yellow printed curtains and rattan light shade

I also changed out the pendant in here. Again, without being able to do the electrics, I’m limited to an easy-fit pendant but this one was gifted to me last year by George at Asda and being rattan, ties in nicely with the other rattan and woven pieces like the wicker shelving unit on the other side of the room. And yes, of course, when it comes time to update the electrics the light fixture will move away from the window and probably be placed towards the center of the room or above the bed! Ahh those crazy Victorians, eh?

corner gallery wall with bed dressed in pink velvet and leopard print cushions

I think the last thing I’d shared in this space was the addition of a corner gallery wall which I previously collaborated with Desenio on. The large print at the bottom just didn’t feel cohesive enough with the rest of the prints so I swapped it out for another one from Forn Studio that works better with the colour scheme. I still love this little corner, it really makes the most of what would otherwise be wasted space.

mint green chest of drawers with starburst mirror above

Oh, there is one rather significant change I’d like to make in time and that’s replacing the chest of drawers that are in here. This used to be in my dressing room in our old house and it’s great for additional storage (I keep the top drawers empty for guests to put their things, the rest of the drawers contain bed linens and out-of-season clothing) but I’m not thrilled with the mint colour, it just doesn’t feel too cohesive. It’s already had 2 coats of paint over the original and so I don’t think it’d survive another makeover without a lot of paint removal and to be honest, after 6 years, I’m kind of over it! I will likely sell this one and replace it with something down the line… I’m thinking perhaps wood, perhaps another vintage piece, maybe something new with rattan drawers. I haven’t yet made up my mind on that one – it’s on the list anyway!

Bengal cat on bed with yellow velvet headboard and leopard print cushions

So I’m sure there will be further changes in this room as time goes on but for now, I’m really enjoying the process. Now, I know that Meisha has already given her stamp (paw?) of approval because since I got this bedspread, she’s clearly decided it’s hers (thank god it’s washable) but I’d love to know what you think of these small additions to the space. Are you a proponent of slow decorating too? Are you missing having guests as much as I am? Do let me know in the comments!

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