So long time readers of Swoon Worthy will know that it has always (and will always be) a predominately interiors-driven blog. It has always been about our home, about the trends that have caught my eye, about teaching you guys about good design and how to bring personality into your homes. Over the years, there have always been a few exceptions to this rule but for the most part, interiors are what you got on Swoon Worthy. However, there’s always been a part of me that felt like I had a lot more to give here.

Taking the decision long ago that Swoon Worthy would ONLY ever be about interiors has felt a little like a self-made straight jacket. Obviously I have other interests in my life and while interiors will probably always be my #1 love in terms of what I like writing about, there have been plenty of times I would have liked to have talked about something a little different on my blog but felt like perhaps it wasn’t quite right to shove in something about – oh I don’t know, a recipe I love or a new handbag I bought or what I’ve learned about running my own business – amongst all the interior design content.

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The more I thought about it, the more I wondered why I’d done this to myself. After all, this is my space on the internet and this is my blog. Why can’t I talk about what I want to talk about? Most blogs I follow have a variety of content which I enjoy. I may not read every single post but for the most part, I feel like it gives me a much more well-rounded view of the blogger I’m reading about. I get to know all the different aspects of their personality – not just one element of it. This thought process has literally followed me around for YEARS. I have been torn about whether to introduce different topics or whether you guys would get annoyed seeing something so radically different here on Swoon Worthy.

The truth is, I don’t want to alienate you guys. I want to give you the content that you want to read and I know that for the most part, that’s interior design related stuff. Which is great because I can talk about interior design until the cows come home. But at the same time, I’ve been writing this blog now for 7 years (!). There is a SHIT LOAD of interior design-related stuffΒ on this blog. I have always wanted Swoon Worthy to evolve and it has always done that. My tastes have changed since the early days and I’ve become a lot more confident – not just in terms of my design choices or my ability to share what I’ve learned – but also in my knowledge of the industry, my writing style and my photography (although everything is still a learning curve). I’ve grown and changed and many of you have changed and evolved with me.

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And so with my 7 year blog anniversary freshly behind me, I feel like it’s time to evolve again. Don’t worry, Swoon Worthy isn’t becoming something entirely different. That’s not what evolution is about, after all. I’ll still be bringing you all the content that I know you love – interior design discoveries, room makeovers (especially when we move – there will be a LOT of room makeovers when that happens!), easy DIYs, getting that glam look whether you are on a budget or have a bit to splurge. That will all still be here.

But alongside all the interior design content you love, there may be a few other things you’ll see. It may be something I love that’s trending in fashion, it may be makeup tips (I’m a total makeup junkie if you didn’t already know that), it might be what it’s really like living in the UK from an American perspective, it might be gorgeous recipes using natural ingredients that have become a staple at dinner time, it might be my thoughts on being a woman in the 21st century. At this point, I kind of feel like the world is my oyster.

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This new category on my blog will simply be called LIFE and it will hopefully sit comfortably alongside all the interior design content you are used to. Am I nervous about this change? Absolutely f**king terrified if I’m honest. But in order to grow, we need to do things out of our comfort zone. And Swoon Worthy has just become a little too comfortable over the years. It’s time to spread my wings ever so slightly. I really hope you’ll enjoy the new topics. At the moment, I’m only planning on a few of these types of pieces a month so like I said, we’re not talking about a radical change here, just a smattering of different things I think you might like to read about and almost just as importantly, things that I really want to chat about to you too.

Swoon Worthy life category fashion beauty living

Hope you enjoy this little change on Swoon Worthy. If you hate the idea, please don’t tell me, okay? I’d much prefer if you quietly just decide to skip those posts rather than tell me I’m doing something horribly wrong that you hate because I’m too nervous about this and may just go into hiding permanently. If you love the idea, however, please do tell me so I can feel that bit more confident about this decision! And if you’d like to, let me know what lifestyle content you enjoy reading on other blogs or what you’d love to read about here on Swoon Worthy! Thank you!

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