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I have a confession to make! For the last two years when December rolled around, I haven’t felt particularly Christmass-y. I didn’t really fancy going all out with decorating and so I essentially put up a tree and that was the extent of it. I know it seems a bit ‘bah-humbug’ and I promise I normally really love Christmas but there was just a heaviness to the season that translated to me wanting to go very low-key and simple. Well, let me tell you, 2022 has rolled around and ‘simple’ has gone out the window. And thank goodness for that!

It’s nice to finally feel ready to embrace the festive season with all the glitter and baubles you can chuck at it. I mean, if you can’t go big for Christmas, when can you really? And whilst the last two years have felt like it was time to just hibernate over the season and enjoy the simple pleasures of a twinkling tree (and little else), this year it’s felt absolutely right to get excited once again about decorating my home for Christmas.

Now, one thing I may not have mentioned on the blog is that earlier in the year, I decided to give my living room a little makeover. I said goodbye to the pale mushroomy/grey and replaced it with Coat Paint’s Persipan, a warm soft terracotta shade that I absolutely adore. So it’s the first time I’ve seen my Christmas decorations against this shade and let me tell you, I’m here for it.

I also have the great privilege of teaming up with Very this year who helped me give my Christmas decor a bit of a glow up including a beautiful festive flocked pre-lit Christmas tree. They have an amazing selection of Christmas trees and decorations on the website and I was absolutely spoiled for choice when it came to deciding on the pieces that I have no doubt will continue to be brought out year after year. So I thought I’d share some tips today on how to decorate your own living room this Christmas.

Decorating Your Christmas Mantle

So first things first… If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, make it the star of the show (aside from the tree of course!). For my mantle, used a blush pink garland and added white berry frosted spray picks from Very. Everything else I’ve had for years that I pull out every year but just the addition of a few new things has really just made it all feel fun and festive and bright.

A simple garland can easily be dressed up with additional picks, a few smaller baubles and a string of lights but consider adding a bit of height to the scene with tall taper candlesticks or some taller decorative pieces like the gold trees you see above and add additional height with individual sprays and picks. Of course, the whole thing is always finished off nicely with some pretty Christmas stockings! I’ve had these crushed velvet and sequinned ones for many years now but I love how they add a bit of additional texture to the scene.

Using Garlands in Unexpected Ways

Speaking of garlands, you definitely don’t have to just use them along flat surfaces. I decided to hang this beautiful frosted rose swag garland from Very on top of the large fan (originally from Oliver Bonas) above the sofa with a few discreet hooks – I love the effect it’s given the space. I adore the fact this garland is pre-decorated so you don’t even have to worry about purchasing anything to dress it up! 

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Of course, the tree is what everyone wants to see! Now, I have spent years and years collecting glass ornaments mostly in shades of pink, white and gold and my cat Meisha is old enough now to not mess with my tree at all (thank goodness) so I do tend to use the same baubles year after year. I added a few pink poinsettia clips from Very just for fun this year too. You can view my tips for styling a Christmas tree in this post if you’re curious about what my method is! (And yes, I’m a bit ‘Monica’ in that regard that I am very very particular about what goes on my tree and where! lol) You’ll also see in that post that because I have been collecting pretty ornaments for years now (just adding a few special ones year on year) that it does tend to look pretty similar every year – and I’m perfectly happy with that too!

When it comes to decorating your tree, I always will say you probably need more decorations than you think. Years ago, I used to be quite sparing with my tree decor and the end result would feel a bit flat (well, I’ve never claimed to be a minimalist so there you go). So, when it comes to baubles, I would always recommend that more is more! This is a 7.5-foot tree and I probably have somewhere around 150-200 different baubles on it. One other tip? I always start with my favourites, placing them at eye-level and then fill in all the other ones around those!

Considering Your Colour Scheme this Christmas

Another decorative item that I added this year was that beautiful ceramic ‘ginger bread’ style house you see sat on my vintage cupboard – it’s something I’ve had my eye on for a few years now and I decided this year I would bite the bullet and buy it. I really do just adore it, it works so perfectly with the colours in the room and in combination with the Christmas tree Wonderland picks in soft nude shades that I decided to put in a vase instead! 

Speaking of colours, remember, you don’t have to use traditional colours in your Christmas decor! I normally let the room dictate my colour scheme so that everything works beautifully together. One thing to bear in mind when it comes to decorating of any kind is that it’s your home so you get to decide on your own theme. Whilst there are always plenty of suggestions for trending themes, at the end of the day, it’s your home! So if you want to do a pink theme like me or an aqua and white one or even a pastel rainbow bonanza, there are really no rules – you can create a Christmassy look by pulling items within your palette and have fun getting creative.

Adding Texture to Your Christmas Decor

How about your soft furnishings? Are they getting neglected in your Christmas decorating? This year, I’ve used Christmas-themed cushions to dress up both sofas. Of course, it’s winter and a bit chillier these days so make sure you add some additional texture by way of cosy throws to wrap up whilst watching all your favourite festive films. You can’t go too cosy at Christmas time!

Dressing Up the Coffee Table for Christmas

Remember your other surfaces as well. Your coffee table is a great spot to curate a little scene and this year, I used a mirrored tray to corral some ceramic houses I have had for years (I realised writing this up that there’s definitely a little ‘house’ theme happening here) alongside a few dried blooms and a cute trinket jar.

A tray will always do a great job of creating a bit of order for smaller pieces and decorations. Be careful not to overfill your coffee table at this time of year because you’ll want to leave some room for Christmas treats and snacks! On my table, you’ll find a plate of mince pies and gingerbread cookies along with that adorable Santa mug that’s become my new favourite for hot chocolate!

Lighting Up Other Areas of the Room

The tree doesn’t have to be the only thing lit up in your room, of course. I do love these simple LED faux fur trees and the little wooden house scene from Very which add a bit of twinkling light when night falls. A few additional Christmas decorations by way of those little Santa gonks are all that’s needed to give this vintage shelving unit a little Christmas zhush.  

I also added that gorgeous little wood LED Christmas scene from Very which has a tiny train that moves around a tiny track – it’s so freaking adorable and I love the additional little glow it gives this side of the room too.

So that’s my Christmas living room this year and I hope my tips have inspired you to get creative with your Christmas decorating this year! Have you gone big this year or are you keeping things simple? Let me know in the comments below!

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