So the Christmas tree has been dressed, the presents have been wrapped and we’re less than a week away from the big day. For me, Christmas is always more than just one day. It’s all the planning and prepping that goes on before, seeing the twinkling lights in town, the shoppers bustling, ordering festive mochas and putting an extra log on the fire. In fact, I would probably say I enjoy the run-up to Christmas more than the day itself because its that excitement and anticipation that get me through the shorter, darker days of the month.

roaring fireplace with Christmas decorations on the mantle and white faux fur stocking

It’s also a time when I take a break from posting and from social media. I switch off for a few days, my inbox is quiet and I can actually get on with a few things I’ve been meaning to do behind-the-scenes but just never find the time for. There may be a few changes to the blog when you return and I’m also working on a brand new offering which I’m very excited about and hope you will be too.

Pink flocked Christmas tree in corner with burgundy and pink sofas

I wanted to share the rest of my living room decorations with you before signing off. I have already shared how I styled my tree but the rest of the room has had a little lift as well for the season. As I think I’ve said before, I’ve been a little more low-key this year in terms of Christmas decorating.

black cat sleeping in front of roaring fireplace

I often go all out but this year, I just wanted something a little quieter, hinting at the season but not overpowering every room. I have found in years’ past that I felt suffocated by all the decor by the time the big day rolled around and so I wanted to create something just a bit less stressful!

Victorian style fireplace decorated for Christmas with garland lights and stockings and ornate gold mirror

I did manage to get two trees up (you can see the other one in my dining room here) but it was really only the mantle in the living room that I concentrated any effort. So I suppose I’m a maximalist trying to do a ‘minimal-ISH’ Christmas. Okay, it’s not minimalist at all but ya know, my version of low-key (which will likely be too much clutter for some but hey I like a bit of clutter, what can I say!) ;)

Fireplace mantle with faux white Christmas stocking and pink candles

Most of this decor I’ve had for years. In fact, I think I purchased those faux fur stockings from Graham and Green at least 5 years ago, if not longer (this is similar)! Also, I realised I probably should have lit the candles for these pictures! The gold palm branches were purchased locally in Shrewsbury but I believe they are from Gisela Graham who make some beautiful Christmas decorations. Having a quick search, you can buy them here (affiliate).

vintage brass shelving unit decorated for Christmas

The vintage shelving until just got a bit of a spruce. The white ceramic houses are a favourite that gets pulled out year after year alongside a tiny ‘forest’ of pink brush trees and a white and gold Santa figurine were added but little else has changed. 

white vintage cabinet decorated for Christmas

For the vintage white cabinet, I moved the orange Habitat lamp to this side of the room and added a light-up star and a small metallic Christmas tree. 

detail of cabinet styling with pink and orange

I love how the mirrored tray reflect the light from the tea light votives and the star – simple but effective I think!

Christmas coffee table styling with pink wrapped presents

So as it’s the last post of the year, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who continue to visit me here on Swoon Worthy. 2019 was my 9th year as a blogger and I’m looking forward to a new decade – to think I will have had my blog for ten whole years is kind of mind-boggling but who knows where the next decade will take us?

detail of mantle decorated for Christmas

I know I’m looking forward to sharing even more in 2020. I want to ensure you get the best out of the blog, that you find it entertaining and enjoyable but also informative and helpful in your own journey to creating a home you love. I’m hoping to use my break to create even more content that’s useful to you so stay tuned for that. 

Of course, we also have plenty to get on with in our home, new projects both big and small and of course, I’ll be continuing to share all of that here with you. In the meantime, however it is you are celebrating or if you’re simply enjoying a bit of a break, I hope the rest of your year and the next brings you health, happiness and togetherness. Lots of love to you all and see you on the other side!

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