So the UK had some incredibly beautiful weather this past weekend. Add to that, because it was the Easter bank holidays, we had an incredible 4 day weekend of sunshine and warm temperatures so I’m going to say that, yes, Spring has officially arrived. Now, as much as I’d love to be doing a deep Spring clean (god knows with the building work going on, the house needs it), I am aware of the utter futility of deep cleaning until the work is complete. So, in an effort to make myself feel slightly better, I’ve just purchased a few cute things to welcome the season into my home to keep me going until I can get on with decorating the new kitchen diner.

Spring Home Haul

I nearly always pick up a couple of things at the start of each season, just to give my home a tiny shake-up. As a disclaimer, all of these items are ones I’ve purchased myself so there’s nothing in here that’s gifted and this isn’t a post promoting any particular product or brand. It’s just things I saw, liked and clicked that ‘buy’ button on! I did realise once I gathered all my new purchases together that there’s very very much a peachy-pink theme going on but well, it’s an accent colour I’m using throughout my home so that’s probably why there’s quite a bit of it. Well, that, and I just really like those colours!

Where all these items are going to ultimately end up, I’m not entirely sure but once the building work is done and my kitchen is in, I’m sure at least a few of these items will end up in the new space! Well, nothing wrong with a little forward-planning right? Yes, this is totally what I’m telling myself. Ahem. Anyway, here’s what was on my Spring Home Haul list…

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New Plants and Plant Pots

Spring home haul with new plants and plant pot

As I talked about in my indoor watering can round up post, I can’t resist buying a few new plants every Spring. I always feel hopeful that this is the year that I’ll finally really crack my green thumb and even if I don’t, well, as my mother-in-law (who I like to refer to as ‘the plant whisperer’) says, “There’s always room for one more.” Indeed there is and I’ve purchased a few recently. The ones you see above are both from my local Dobbie’s Garden Centre and I picked up both the plants themselves as well as the plant pots from there. 

I also grabbed a hanging planter from Bloomingville (not shown) which I purchased locally from Workshop in Shrewsbury but you can find it on Trouva here. It’s the most lovely warm shade of brown and I just need to find a home for it!

Spring Faux Flowers

Faux flower arrangement from M&S

Yes, I’m a sucker for faux flowers and have quite a few around my home. Cheaper than buying fresh every week, I try to add at least one or two new bunches to my growing collection every year so I can swap them out with the seasons. I recently grabbed this lovely Rose & Hydrangea arrangement which came with a concrete pot. When I received it, I felt like it wasn’t quite full enough so added in a couple more faux flowers I already had to the arrangement and then it was perfect.

New Trinket Dishes

Pink and peach trinket dishes from Anthropologie

I can’t resist a pretty trinket dish and Anthropologie just has the most gorgeous selection. I chose these two for my home – the one that’s more like a little bowl (in the back of the picture above) is happily still available on the website here but sadly, it appears the other is now out of stock. I decided to use the peach one for burning incense and the small bowl to hold my collection of little crystals (wow, how woo-woo do I sound these days!? Ha!).

A New Set of Plates & Bowls

Pink dinner plates and bowls from M&S

So this set was definitely bought with the new kitchen in mind but I’ve been wanting a nice set of everyday plates for a while now and so when I spied these on the Marks & Spencer website, I snapped up a set of 4 dinner plates and 4 pasta bowls. At the time of writing, they are currently on sale for less than £5 per dish which is a great deal (they are beautiful quality) and they come in an assortment of gorgeous colours. I may just have to add the minty green ones to my collection next. 

New Spring Scented Candles

Spring candles from So Ireland

And finally, as you probably already know, I’m a sucker for a nice candle. I’ve purchased about 6 of these vegan-friendly and cruelty-free Só Soy candles from Sunday Home recently as they are on clearance but they all smell glorious. I tend to reach for candles which have a more floral or fresh scent in the summer months so I figured if I was getting a bargain, I might as well take advantage and stock up! I love the simple packaging as well and currently have them dotted all over the house.

Spring Home Haul

And so that’s my little mini haul of the home products I’ve purchased for the spring! Any favourites of the ones I chose? Do you make any purchases at the start of the new seasons for your home and if so, what do you reach for to give your interiors a little shake-up?

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