Now that Spring is officially here, I’ve started to satisfy the urge to surround myself with lots of greenery. I absolutely adore how house plants add a certain bohemian and organic texture to my rooms and have done for a long time now and that love has never really faded. While I always tend to have a few fatalities over the winter months (the dryness of indoor heating and lack of sunshine never helps), in the Spring, I desperately want to restock and add a few new varieties to my spaces.

Oh, I’m not the greenest thumb around, let’s just make that clear. I try and fail with plenty of plants but I’ve gotten a bit better over the years keeping my plants alive. One reason for that is because I tend to water them on a more regular schedule these days for a very simple (rather embarrassing) reason: I no longer have to trudge outside to get the watering can from the shed (were there most certainly were spiders waiting to dive on me), bring it inside, fill it up, water my plants and then return it to the shed (where, again, the spiders are). Yeah, I realise how dumb that sounds, believe me, but it was an inconvenience and so my plants would pretty much be on their last dying breath before I’d remember to water them. 

15 of the Best Indoor Watering Cans

But well, at that time, I clearly hadn’t even considered buying myself an indoor watering can. It seems so logical now but let me explain…

Watering Can Round up - 10 of the best

I just figured watering cans are ugly and so I didn’t want one taking up room in my home and I certainly didn’t want to leave it out in the open or taking up precious space in a cupboard somewhere. At the time, there really wasn’t much in the way of cute or pretty indoor watering cans. There were just awkward ugly plastic ones. But now? Oh now, there are plenty that I love and that I wouldn’t mind leaving around for all to see.

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Contemporary and Stylish Indoor Watering Can

The one I currently own I got a few years ago from Made and happily, they still sell it. It’s just so sculptural and pretty so I’m happy to leave it out and about but I think I might just get another indoor watering can for upstairs so then there’s no excuse for me to neglect any of my plants ever. And so, as I was searching around for a new one, I figured I’d share some of my favourite finds.

There is just so much choice nowadays so I figured I’d share my favourite 15 indoor watering cans just in case you mistakenly thought as I once did that watering cans are inherently ugly – these are all rather gorgeous, come in all sorts of shapes and styles and there’s something for every budget. 

My Favourite Indoor Watering Cans

15 of the Best Indoor Watering Cans

Left to right and top to bottom: Toucan Watering Can from Anthropologie / Elho Plunge Watering Can in Warm Grey / Wren Watering Can in Brass from Made / Lena Watering Can in Gold from Anthropologie / Diamond Watering Can in Dusty Rose from Garden Glory / Mizu Metallic Watering Can from Oliver Bonas / William Morris Strawberry Thief Watering Can by Briers / Zinnea Large Watering Can in White from Made / Gold Metal Watering Can from Bloomingville / Ursula Watering Can from Anthropologie / Mini Gold Watering Can from John Lewis / VATTENKRASSE Watering Can in Ivory and Gold from IKEA / RHS British Bloom Watering Can by Burgon & Ball / Georgina Watering Can from Anthropologie / Stainless Steel Watering Can from IMEEA 

See what I mean about how much gorgeous choice there is nowadays? I simply have no excuse now for neglecting to water my plants. Does that mean I can decide which one I like best? Does it heck but I am rather taken by the Ursula from Anthropologie as well as that gorgeous pink one from Garden Glory. Which one is your favourite and do you own a cute watering can yet? Do let me know if I wasn’t the only one who didn’t realise how many gorgeous ones are out there!

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