If you follow me over on Instagram and watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know I’ve been busy working away on the tiniest (and possibly quirkiest) room in my house. I’d initially deemed it the ‘Jack n’ Jill’ room as it’s a term used in the States to describe bathrooms that are accessible from two different bedrooms – usually two children’s rooms, thus the name. Now in our home, we have something similar. It’s only small – 207cm x 180cm (or around 6’10” x 5’11”) and is only accessible from the master bedroom and the second bedroom which is currently being used as my office/dressing room.

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vanity styling with pink walls and peonies

Now, we have no plans to convert it into a bathroom – the plumbing would be a nightmare as it is at the front of the house and the options available to us to convert it into a bathroom aren’t really worth the expense/hassle. Besides, once work is completed, we’ll have two bathrooms in the house which for just the 2 of us, is enough. So what to do with this tiny strange room?

From the original estate listing: the measurements as shown here are wrong but you can see how what is labelled a ‘dressing room’ sits between the master on the left and the second bedroom on the right.

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in…

Makeup Room Before

As I mentioned, I have a combined office and dressing room – in that my office desk and sideboard, as well as my chest of drawers and hanging rail, all reside in the same space. But, I realised there was really no place to put my vanity or the shelving I used to have in the little dressing room in my old house. So this tiny room with its nice bright window became my ‘makeup room’.

grey and pink home office with vanity room next door

In my office, the colour scheme is black, gold, rose pink, grey and white (there’s still plenty to do in here – like those horrible floors!) and having just completed the makeover of the master bedroom, the colours in there are black, gold, rose pink, grey and white – sensing a pattern here?

view into bedroom from office and through makeup vanity room

The view from the office, through the dressing room and into the master bedroom – as you can see, it’s all connected!

So it made sense to tie these two rooms together with a similar colour scheme. I decided paint would be the easiest and quickest way to give my little makeup room a refresh without spending a lot of additional money along with a few little updates to dress up the space. I’ll put you out of your misery now and show you what it looks like now (and then we can talk through the changes!)…

makeup vanity space in pink grey and gold

After purchasing a number of different samples, I landed on Little Green Paint Company’s Hellebore – a soft and warm rose pink colour that was nearly an exact match for my MADE Talia bed, as well as the rose pink curtains from JD Williams that hang in my office. Happily, they agreed to work with me on this little makeover and sent the paint straight out. The following day, I completed the painting and I just have to mention how incredible the paint was to work with! I adored it – it has a beautiful texture, incredible coverage and stunning pigmentation. I’m a HUGE fan of this paint (it may genuinely be the best I’ve ever used) and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Bedroom with open door into vanity makeup room

Once the painting was done, I was able to move on to dressing the space! Of course, because the room is so tiny, it’s REALLY hard to shoot properly but hopefully, you can get the idea. I do also have a slight confession – it’s not 100% done!

makeup vanity space in pink grey and gold

I decided to keep the wall shelving that was already in here. It’s not the prettiest looking shelving you’ve ever seen but it was super sturdy and bolted in and I didn’t really want to remove them for fear of damaging the walls. Plus, they come in very handy for displaying and storing some of my things so I thought I’d work with them!

Shelf styling in makeup vanity room

I decided to wrap the shelves in a marble sticky back plastic to spruce them up a bit but realised after I’d started that I didn’t have enough to do both shelves! (#fail) So as you can see, only one shelf has been done. I’m just waiting for another roll to come in and I can get that finished up! It’s not a biggie but I know some of you are pretty eagle-eyed and would notice so I figured I’d acknowledge it! Ha!

shelving unit in small vanity makeup room - pink mint green grey and gold colour scheme

I also decided to leave the shelving in the same mint green colour I had in my old dressing room. I considered very briefly repainting them another colour but they’ve been through a couple of iterations and paint colours already.

handbags on shelving unit display

As they are just cheap IKEA Billy bookcases that we dolled up a bit with paint, trim and wallpaper years ago (you can see how we did it here), it probably wasn’t worth the time/expense/hassle – basically, I couldn’t face painting them all over again and wanted this room done. So yeah, I was being lazy!! Ha! They are fine though, I don’t hate them although, at some point in time, I’ll probably replace/change them.

shelving with view into bedroom

dressing room shelving

For now, the one next to the vanity table holds my most-used shoes and bags and the other one is more practical, holding some shoes as well as all my hair care and skin care products.

Cult Furniture Beatrix Chair in velvet grey and brass legs

As I really wanted to keep costs down for this little makeover, the only big purchase I made for the room was that cute grey velvet chair with brass legs from Cult Furniture. I had a Louis Ghost Chair reproduction in my dressing room for years but it was looking pretty battered and scratched up so I figured I’d splurge on something pretty.

I’d never ordered from Cult Furniture before but was very impressed with the high quality of the chair when the prices are so reasonable. I paid just over £100 for it (they offer a small discount when you sign up for their emails so I took advantage) but I reckon it’s a pretty good dupe for Anthropologie’s Elowen chair which is 4 times the price!

vanity with french style mirror

You may recognise the Vernay Console Desk from my ‘fantasy office space’ post with MADE. The petite size, clean lines and the handy storage drawers made it the perfect choice to use as a vanity and it fits the spot beneath the window here perfectly. On top, I store my most-reached-for makeup and brushes. I’ve had that mirror for years now but decided to give it a little refresh with some gold spray paint.

pink travel hairdryer and straightening iron gift set

I was also kindly gifted the Alfa Italia pink hairdryer and straightening iron travel set from Chill Cabinet. The set comes in a few different colours but I fell HARD for that beautiful coral pink colour. It’s a stunning little set and at 1200watt for the hairdryer and a temperature of up to 190c for the straightening irons, they actually pack quite a punch in their petite size. I’m definitely taking them with me when we’re off on holiday soon but they look so cute in the little case that I just had to show them off here too!

makeup vanity space in pink grey and gold

So that’s my little makeup room reveal! It’s tiny but it works really nicely for me when I’m getting myself together for the day. I do have a few more things planned for this room including some new lighting which I’ll hopefully be able to show off soon and I’m also contemplating wallpapering the ceiling (once I figure how the heck that can be done)!

pink vanity room with shelving

So a few bits left to do in here but for now, I’m rather liking this tiny room. I’d love to know what you think! Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: The paint and travel styling set were provided free in exchange for my unbiased review but as always, all images, words and opinions are my own. I only work with brands I love and think you’ll like too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.



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