It’s been almost exactly a year since we revealed our new kitchen. And I think for the last year, I receive an email at least once a week* from someone contemplating Minerva worktops, asking me how mine are holding up, whether I’d recommend them, if they’ve been at all problematic. There wasn’t that much information on them online when I was researching myself so it was a bit of a leap of faith for us choosing these. I can understand all the questions because I was in the same boat.

Minerva Worktops Worth the Money One Year On

(Also, if you Google ‘Minerva Worktops’, my blog post comes up in the #4 spot so that’s another reason I get so many questions about mine!)

We all know that there are about a million different worktops to choose from. When we’d initially started our kitchen planning, it was the one thing that I was stuck on literally for years – what worktops should I choose? I did so much research on the pros and cons of just about every material out there – from cheap and cheerful laminate (which has come a long way in the last 20 years) to natural stone products to man-made products like Corian and acrylic.

In the end, we settled on acrylic and more specifically, the Minerva brand. I wanted something that would work well with our marble-effect tiles and the Minerva Cararra Marble effect seemed to be a winner. It’s high-quality and mid-range which made it perfect for our budget and hard-wearing. The pattern in the acrylic goes all the way through which means that any scratches could be buffed out quite easily.

Can Minerva Worktops be DIY’d?

DIYing Minerva Acrylic Worktops

We struggled initially to find someone to install our Minerva worktops (you can read all about that debacle here) but in the end, decided we would attempt all the cutting and joining and installing ourselves. And when I say ‘ourselves’, I really just mean Wayne. Now, he’s a pretty confident DIYer and I would say unless you are a confident DIYer yourself, you may want to leave this one to the professionals. But it’s entirely do-able and is probably very similar to fitting butcherblock worktops – a decent router blade goes right through it and you can sand them and buff them in the same way you can with wood so if you’ve done butcherblock worktops successfully in the past, you shouldn’t struggle with this material.

Why Minerva?

Minerva Worktops Do They Scratch

The reason I chose Minerva worktops was that they ticked every single one of my boxes in terms of durability, stain and etch resistance, the fact that they were non-porous, getting the look of stone (which I really liked) without the ridiculous price tag (which I didn’t) and the fact they were super hard-wearing. It feels lovely to the touch as well – not as cool as stone but not that plastic-y/room temperature feel of laminate either and the fact that it’s almost soft to the touch like honed marble is.

How Are They Holding Up?

Minerva Acrylic Worktops One Year On - How are they holding up?
A year on and they are holding up really well. We got one stain on it when we set down an old pot on the surface overnight that had some rust on the bottom but that buffed right out. I have the odd tiny chip here and there from dropping things on the surface (probably no bigger than a pinhead) – again, it’s not something you’d ever notice unless you went looking for it. So it’s not completely ‘bulletproof’ but it’s survived pretty heavy wear and tear. Otherwise, there are no stains or marks at all and we are very heavy users of our kitchen – we like to cook a lot so it’s in use multiple times a day.

Do Minerva Worktops Scratch?

Are Minerva Worktops Really Worth the Money?
The one question I always get is, ‘Does it scratch?’ and yes, it does scratch a bit. There are very very light little scratches all over my worktops but they are really only noticeable if there’s light shining on it and I get my face all up in it and try and find them. Are they noticeable just on an everyday basis? Nope, not really.
I think the light colours do really well in terms of hiding any scratches (I have heard that on the darker worktops, it’s more obvious so bear that in mind). I think if the scratches ever became so bad that I started to really notice them, then an afternoon of buffing them out wouldn’t be that big of a deal and I’d have ‘brand new’ looking worktops again.

Would You Get Them Again?

Kimberly Swoon Worthy Minerva Worktops Review
Ultimately, I’m still incredibly happy with the worktops and yes, I would happily to get them again.
I love them for the ease with which they clean and I love that I don’t have to worry about anything staining them or marking them. And as a lover of luxe finishes, they really do look expensive. For me, the money was worth it (they cost around £1800) but I’m not totally OTT in terms of perfection. So if those light little scratches that no one notices except for you will drive you crazy, then perhaps it’s not the one for you! If you are okay with that, I think they are great!
This is not in any way shape or form a sponsored post. I just thought with so many questions, it was probably best I did a post about my review.

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