You might recall when we moved into our home (nearly 2 years ago now – how fast does time fly?!), within weeks of moving in, I decided to update our bathroom. I knew a bit of paint and some accessorising would make a big difference to the space without having to spend a lot of money on it and thankfully, the small changes I made really did go a long way in giving the whole bathroom a fresh look.

Bathroom Before 1

You may wonder why I bother doing these little refreshes and why not save my money for when we can do an entire renovation (because yes, that is what this bathroom needs!)? And yes, it does feel somewhat counter-productive to spend money on something that’s going to be temporary. For me, though, it essentially buys me time. Spending a small amount now means I can live with it for a while longer without wanting to rip my eyeballs out every time I spend time in the room. I always put a bit of a cap on my spending so it doesn’t get out of hand and do what I can to keep costs down but still provide the results I’m after.

The truth is, it may be a few years before we’re able to update this space (we have other priorities at the moment) and as it’s fully functioning and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it (aside from aesthetically), doing smaller refreshes for the time being allows me to still enjoy the bathroom until we can move on to a full refurb. I also think it may be helpful to some of you reading who are having to live with a space in your home that’s not perfect (or is a rental) if you’re limited on budget or are in any way restricted yourself from doing a major refurbishment.

Bathroom Refresh Phase 1

The first time I refreshed this space, I swapped out a few things like the towel rail, the toilet roll holder and added in a hand towel ring and of course, painted the space in black. However, there were so many other things I wanted to tweak at that time but decided I needed to reign in my spending and just do the bare minimum at the time.

And really, the plan to make it liveable worked. For the last (nearly) two years, those initial changes have been totally fine but it’s time for its next phase. As I said, there was a lot I wanted to do at the time but didn’t get the opportunity due to a tight budget so this is basically ‘phase two’ of the refresh.

So….the biggest change is going to be to the paint colour! I loved the black colour but I want to change it for the following reasons:

First, I’m craving lighter spaces at the moment and feel it doesn’t reflect my current tastes. The room feels very dark (especially in winter) and I’m just ready for a change. Also, all my plants keep dying so there’s that too. It’s just too dark!

Second, I’m not crazy about the Valspar bathroom paint. I’ve never been a huge fan of Valspar (I feel there are better quality paints out there even though I know a lot of people who swear by it) but the paint has flaked off in areas especially when I’ve tried to clean it – which leads to…

Third… So here’s something I never even considered at the time when I painted it. We live in an area with hard water. So someone takes a shower, the bathroom gets all steamed up and condensation forms everywhere. The condensation dries and leaves behind little mineral deposits on all the walls. Let me tell you, its super obvious on that really dark black colour and they are so hard to clean off. So I’m living with a lot of little marks all over the place and the paint doesn’t scrub well. Whomp whomp.

So here’s the moodboard and I’ll chat through some of the plans!

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Mini Bathroom Refresh Mood Board in Peach and Gold

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So first, let’s talk about the new paint colour. I recently purchased that Boy Smells candle (which, despite its name actually smells rather gorgeous) and when I opened the packaging my first thought was, “Oh my god this is my bathroom colour!!”  Inspiration strikes in the strangest of places, doesn’t it?!

Boy Smells Candle Box

So I took the candle box to my local Shrewsbury branch of the Dulux Decorating Centre and they did an amazing job matching the colour from the packaging.  I chose the Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell paint for this project. I have always rated Dulux paints and while this particular line is quite pricey, I was told you could literally scrub it and it won’t come off. It’s their most hard-wearing paint so it should hold up to cleaning. The best part? They let me name it because it’s bespoke and I’ve called it Peachy Keen which means it’s now in their system – so if you go to a Dulux paint counter and ask for it, they’ll be able to mix it up for you too! Whoop!

gold mirror

I decided it’s time to finally replace the mirror despite the fact that the dimensions of the space I had available were strangely challenging! I must have looked at hundreds of mirrors but finally settled for this cute mirror from Beliani which was not only a decent price but it should fit that spot perfectly and bring a little of that brushed brass finish in too. I like that it’s simple but the shape is still interesting!

Vellamo Twist Brushed Brass Mono Bathroom Sink Tap

One thing I really wanted to do the first time around but didn’t was swapping out the chrome tap and waste trap in the sink to one in brushed brass. I purchased this one from Drench and fingers crossed the install goes off without a hitch! I would have loved to have also changed out the shower hardware (which is chrome) but it would have put me way over my budget so I’m just going to have to live with the mismatch for now!

Bathroom shelves off-centre

I’m also finally replacing the little glass and chrome shelves that sit on the wall next to the sink. It’s annoyed me for so long that they were hung off centre on that wall (why?! why?!) and so given that I want to include a few more brushed brass finishes and I need to rehang them anyway, I thought I’d go for something a little nicer.

glass and brushed brass bathroom shelves

It took me ages to decide on shelves here because they needed to be the right length, they needed to be glass (a solid shelf would obscure the light from above which meant the bottom shelf would be in darkness) and I wanted a brushed brass finish. My friend Maria saved the day when she sent me these to consider and it was a total hallelujah moment – they were perfect.

black bathroom with peach and gold accents

You’ll notice I included a few things from the existing bathroom in my moodboard that were purchased the first time around like the ladder towel hanger, the towel ring and the toilet roll holder. As they all still work well with the design, they are staying!

The towels were from a previous collaboration with MADE and I still love them – they are part of their Conscious range. I purchased the cute pink pedal bin which is also from MADE to replace the crusty old chrome one I’ve had for about 15 years!

And finally, all the artwork is just downloadable art from Etsy – just an easy way to keep costs down and I’ll be using some small frames I already own so an easy affordable win there! I also think a touch of vintage works in pretty much every room and while most of the stuff going in is more contemporary, the artwork brings in a little timelessness and history for a bit of that eclectic bohemian look I love.

So I’m hoping to get everything painted and installed over the next few weeks so it’ll be our first little project of the new year! And even though I said there will be no big DIY projects this winter, this feels pretty easy and doable (fingers crossed) so I’m very excited to see how it all comes out! 

I’d love to know what you think of the new look! Will you be sad to see the black go or are you excited about the change? I’d love to know what little refreshes you have planned yourself so please do let me know in the comments!

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