However strange as it may sound, I felt a little bit hesitant when I ordered my bright orange lamp for my living room midi-makeover. After trying a few different lamps I already owned in that corner, I realised what I really needed was a statement colour in that spot and even after I settled on that idea, it still felt a little bit like a risk. I mean, I don’t really have orange anywhere else in my home and it certainly wasn’t a planned part of my coordinated colour palette – I was going rogue.

orange lamp with burgundy sofa and wall hanging

Okay so my idea of rogue and yours may be slightly different (I’m old, this is how I have fun these days) but I wasn’t entirely convinced the risk would pay off. When the box arrived from Habitat, I marvelled a bit in wonder at this bold choice and decided stepping outside of my comfort zone was something I should do more often. I loved the juicy addition in the room and it was exactly what the room needed to finish it off.

living room with parquet floors, burgundy and pink sofas and touches of rust orange

If you’ve followed Swoon Worthy for years, you’ll know that way back when, I used to be all about the bold colour in my home. Over the years, my tastes have changed and so I wasn’t exactly craving a rainbow, I just wanted something that gave me the warm cosy feeling I wanted in here. Choosing a lamp that was analogous to the other shades in the living room (pink, peaches, burgundy) still looked pulled together but just gave it a bit of zing.

When I posted the room on Instagram, the always lovely Kate Watson-Smyth (her of Mad about the House fame, author, podcaster and all-around good egg) told me she had just bought herself the same lamp. Of course, I was feeling pretty justified at that point but then I saw the also very talented (and another good egg) Emma Jane Palin had used the very same lamp in her retro 70s bedroom makeover.  That’s basically all it took for Kate to declare this “the lamp of the season” in her Instagram Stories! And considering that all three of us have our own very distinct styles and it seemed to work pretty damn well in all three of them, well, who am I to argue?!

pink bedroom with vintage mustard lampshade and velvet yellow bed

You’ll also note, I have a rather lovely vintage mustard table lamp in the guest bedroom as well and I love how it brings a bit of warmth to this little corner and ties into the headboard and bedding. So I wasn’t completely going off piste in the living room but it was a realisation that pretty much every other lamp in my home was some sort of neutral (mostly gold bases or clear glass or white). I feel like I need a bit more of this in my life because I’m digging it right now.

So, anyway, down the internet rabbit hole I went to see what else was out there in the way of statement-making colourful lamps and I wanted to share my findings with you: a bunch of gorgeously colourful table lamps if you fancy adding a bold shot of colour to your own interiors.

You’ll note, I stayed away from just colourful lampshades here although those are plentiful. We’re talking colour in the base mostly but that doesn’t mean if you have an existing lamp that you want to zhush up, a colourful shade is definitely another nice way to pull in this trend. Pooky Lighting has a pretty impressive selection of colourful shades so I’d recommend them as a great source (not an ad, just a recommendation!).

I’ve tried to cover just about every colour of the rainbow and you’ll see they vary in price from bargain buys to luxury items but hopefully there will be something in there that works for your own home.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links (indicated by an asterik *)which means I may earn a small commission from the brand if you purchase through my links as a thank you for the referral. You’ll never pay more when clicking these links.

Get the Look: Technicolour Table Lamps

Colourful Table Lamp Roundup

1 / 2* / 3* / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8* / 9* / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14* / 15* / 16 / 17* / 18 

I’d love to know if you’ve incorporated any colourful table lamps into your home (and what colour they are!) and if any of my choices have caught your eye! Let me know in the comments below!


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