Why hello there! I know, it’s been ages but we’ve been away on a little much-needed holiday break in Tuscany and yes, it was just as delicious as it sounds. A little mountain villa shared with friends, lots of cooking and eating (and far too much Prosecco and Lemoncello – my god, don’t ask) and a few days exploring the sights of Lucca, Florence, Siena and Pisa. It was a lovely trip but now I feel like we need to do a big epic Italian adventure because we just didn’t see nearly enough.

Anyway, the fact is, I’m back off my break and raring to go. And what better way to do that then to dive into Autumn with a bit of a reshuffle and refresh at home? Since the temperatures have most definitely dipped here and the rest of the country, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do over the winter months to my home and while we are definitely not taking on any big DIY projects during that time*, I do still like to refresh and update some spaces to give it a bit of cosy loveliness before the Christmas decorating begins.

Bengal cat stretching in pink, yellow and leopard print bedroom with gallery wall


*While there will not be much DIY going on (because seriously, we need the break from mess/dust after the kitchen/dining room renovation), we do still need to do a bit of finishing up in our living room so that ‘midi-reveal’ is coming soon. And yes, I’ve decided ‘midi-reveal’ is a thing – more than a refresh but less than a completely new look. Just go with it, kay? ;) I’m also working on some updates in the guest bedroom – sneaky peek above. More coming soon!

So easing ourselves into the new season, we all want to add a bit of cosy, don’t we? I mean, we change up our wardrobe with the seasons, right? While I wouldn’t suggest that you have to redecorate each season (#aintnobodygottimefordat) I do think giving existing pieces new context by moving them around the home or buying or updating a few accessories or lighting here and there can make a whole space look fresh and different.

So I wanted to talk about the three most important things I look for when I’m choosing new pieces for the colder months for my home. They are Texture, Colour and Sparkle. So let’s talk about each one in turn.

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Autumn/Winter Must Have: Texture

Think about how it feels to run your fingers through a Mongolian sheepskin throw or the rough feeling of a natural stone floor. Whether we have physical contact with an object or not, we can perceive the way it might feel even without touching it. So while everything has some kind of texture, it’s the ‘OMG, I need to touch that’ things that you want to add to your space!

Teddy furniture on Att Pynta

Velvet and Teddy fabrics via Att Pynta

In Autumn, my favourite textures include items like Mongolian fur, leather, ribbed glass, velvet and woven fabrics. Corduroy and Boucle (often called ‘Teddy’ fabric) have both been big news this year (both in fashion and trickling down to homewares) and those are also both perfect Autumn fabrics. Heavier and thicker fabrics tend to give a room some gravitas so put away the lovely light linen and cotton fabrics that you’ll naturally be drawn to in summer and look out for pieces that will create visual warmth to tap into your nesting instincts at this time of year.

Like that subtle spice in your favourite recipe, adding an element of texture to your room designs is a key ingredient to making the finished result a knock out. Look at your space as it is today – while the colour, function or storage items may be catered for already, ignoring this last flourish can mean the difference between a room looking flat and lifeless to one that has depth and brings the entire scheme together.

In fact, using texture – whether you love a more minimalist look or crave a vibrant eclectic space – is one of the most powerful things you can do to finish off your room in style. One of the easiest ways to add texture to your room is to consider what’s already there and look for a texture that contrasts it. This contrast will add interest and depth to your room and will create small focal points that draw the eye and balance out your space.

Autumn/ Winter Must Have: Colour

Autumn colour palette living room

Oooh how I love the colours of Autumn! While every season has it’s associated colour palette (pastels in Spring, bright vibrant shades in Summer, deep moody tones for Winter), I love the warmth of Autumn’s palette. The funny thing is, these have all been ‘on trend’ for the last year or so and I’ll bet you probably have already incorporated at least a piece or two into your home this year.

However, you might want to go a little deeper into the trends and look out for items that really bring to mind Mother Nature’s rich paintbrush on our outdoors – from crimson reds to deep rust tones, warm ochre shades, deep berry reds, warm olive greens and rich chocolate brown can all create something a little extra into your home for the season.

I particularly love the contrast between the paler shades of summer – like blush pink, peach and nude shades – contrasted against their darker counterparts – berry, rust and deep brown. Layering your colour means you don’t necessarily have to swap out every cushion on your sofa or swap out your bed linens if you don’t fancy it. Just a deeper shade of the same colour against it can provide that little bit of warmth that makes the look a bit more inviting in the winter months.

Autumn/Winter Must Have: Sparkle

HM Home Autumn 2019

Texture, Colour and Sparkle via H&M Home

Lastly, I’m all about the sparkle, being the lover of glam that I am. But I’m not necessarily talking about going full-on OTT Liberace at this time of year (unless that’s your bag, then please do carry on). The thing is, the sun hangs just that big lower in the sky now, there’s a more grey cloud around and the days will continue to get shorter and shorter. So light is something that will always be at a premium at this time of year.

You’ll want to look out for items that either give off light or reflect existing light. Make sure you have plenty of sources of artificial light in your home at this time of year. Not that you want your home to look like Blackpool illuminations – for the love of all things good, don’t put them all on at the same time. But allowing for different sources at different times depending on how you’re using your space can really give a room so much depth. A wall light here, a table or floor lamp there and the overhead “big light” on only when you really need it.

Autumn Table Setting

Autumn table setting via lights4fun

There’s also plenty of scope for candles. Oh I do love a good candle (as you probably know) and their warmth and flicker just brings a room to life once the sun goes down so whether you prefer a beautiful scented vessel or enjoy a few dinner candles burning on the sideboard or a few tealights scattered across your mantle, don’t neglect these beautiful little twinkling lights.

Once your lighting is sorted, look out for pieces that are light-reflective. Glossy lacquer surfaces are another gorgeous texture to add to a room and will allow for a shimmery reflection highly polished. Mirrors – especially placed on walls across from windows will bounce more light around a space in the day time. And, of course, I’m going to talk about my love of brass and gold here too. I just think the way they bounce around light in a room is like nothing else. Those warmer metals are just perfect for this time of year.

Autumn Lust List

With these things in mind, I thought I’d do a little buying guide of some of my favourite pieces I’ve spied in my travels across the internet at this time of year. 

Autumn Buying Guide

Colour-Block Cushion / Candlestick / Rattan Bench / Round Wood Box / Textured Cushion / Green Plant Stand / Yellow Cushion / Fire Tools Set / Knitted Pouffe / Velvet Runner / Tortoise Vase / Woven Mat

I’d love to hear if you are changing up your home this Autumn or if you’re planning on adding texture, colour or sparkle to your home to welcome in the colder months. Let me know in the comments below!

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