So let me start the post by saying this isn’t sponsored in any way by George at Asda. I was searching around for a few bits, went on the site, saw the “Sunbaked” collection and thought it was pretty ace in terms of budget buys and so just went ahead and purchased a bunch of bits and figured I’d share what I bought with you today. There was no voucher, there was no contact from the brand, I paid for everything ;) I have, however, used affiliate links in the post. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I continued! 

George at Asda Sunbaked Collection

I must say that I do love how many of the supermarket brands are getting on board with really cute, totally trendy items in their homewares department. It’s one of my biggest tips for finding cute affordable accessories for your home. And I’ve always found that George at Asda’s quality tends to be pretty good. In fact, I have some garden chairs I purchased from them a few years ago and they are still going strong a few years later. You’d never suspect they’d been purchased from a low-cost supermarket. And the same goes for the items I bought. They are all very cute, seem to be decent quality (especially for the prices – every single thing I bought was under a tenner) and just a nice way to give your home a little shakeup for not a lot of cash.

The whole Sunbaked range is basically my favourite colour palette at the moment (although there’s a serious lack of metallic gold in favour of copper but, hey, you can’t have everything). Soft sagey greens, pale grey boho prints, a tonne of soft rosey pinks and peaches and plenty of textured, natural products too. They really did get the whole “California boho vibe” nailed so well. I could have very easily spent a lot more but I thought I’d share what I purchased first and then show you what else caught my eye.

Pink bedroom with cat on bed and black and white wall mural

I’ve been itching to try a bit of corduroy for a while and while I can’t bear the ‘zppzppzpp’ sound of corduroy dungarees (oh yes, I remember them from my 70s childhood), a cute corduroy cushion is another matter entirely. This rose beauty is a great size and only £7 and it includes the insert (sleeping Meisha kitty not included, sadly). 

Pink bedroom with cat on bed

I also picked up that little pink velvet round pinwheel cushion at just £5. It’s quite petite but would make the perfect layering accent on a small sofa or chair (or a bed along with a few others as I’ve shown above). You know I can’t resist velvet but for such a good price, it’s a wonderful way to add a bit of texture and softness to your home.

black bathroom with pink and gold accents

Speaking of softness, I also picked up that cute pink hand towel for a mere £4. Most of my towels are plain but I think it adds a nice touch of pattern to the mix.

pink palm hand towel from george at asda

I haven’t yet thrown it in the washing machine so I’m not sure how well it washes but it’s super soft and I’m loving the subtle palm print. They also have the matching bath towels and bath sheets in the set.

terrazzo style cannisters on wood worktop in kitchen

Now my current kitchen isn’t exactly photo-worthy but I did pick up this set of terrazzo-style (another big trend) ceramic canisters. The colours are wonderful – taupes and greys mixed with deeper rust and pinks and I have no doubt they’ll look super cute when the new kitchen is finally in. For now, I’m quite happy with them making my green and chai tea obsession just a bit prettier at a mere £6 each.

olive green velvet chesterfield sofa with pink and peach cushions

And finally, I picked up this small Mongolian-style throw cushion. I have a few real Mongolian fur cushions and rugs and of course, it isn’t quite as lovely as those ones but then, this cost a fraction of the price of the others at just £7! 

olive green velvet chesterfield sofa with pink and peach cushions

So if you’ve been holding off investing in the real deal then this cute replica isn’t such a bad way to dip your toe in the trend and add a bit of colour and texture at the same time.

George at Asda Sunbaked Collection

Here are a few more bits that caught my eye when I was browsing the collection…

George at Asda Sunbaked Collection buying guide

Pink Ceramic Vases Set of 2 / Woven Pendant Ceiling Shade / Cream Sunbaked Print Side Plates Set of 4 / Cream Macrame Cushion / Sunbaked Tile Print Double Duvet Set / Terrazzo Hourglass / Terrazzo TumblerPink Pom Pom Throw / Pink Pattern Mini Cushion / Dark Grey Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion / Origami Vases 3 Pack / Embossed Stoneware Vase 

Pink bedroom with cat on bed and black and white wall mural

I’d love to know what you think of the collection! Are you surprised at how affordable and on-trend everything is? Anything that’s caught your eye? Have you found any great supermarket collections recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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