On Monday, I shared my Christmas tablescape and within that post, you will have seen a bit of the dining room as it’s decorated for Christmas. One of the reasons I was so desperate to give this room a bit of a refresh (you can see that here) was because I wanted to be able to enjoy this room over the coming festive season.

Rather on a whim, I decided to order myself a pink Christmas tree for this room. I’ve never had enough space for more than one Christmas tree in our old house (in fact, there was barely room for one – I always had to move out furniture and stash it in other rooms!) but our room sizes are slightly bigger here and so I figured, why not! I already have a gorgeous artificial flocked tree for the living room so I decided I wanted something a little bit different and a little more fun for this one.

pink christmas tree in dining room

Plus, last year, we were in the midst of packing up our house for the move in December and I decided not to bother with a tree at all. So, let’s just say I decided to make up for that with two this year!

pink christmas tree detail

I didn’t go too crazy with decorating it, essentially just using baubles and decor that I knew wouldn’t be going on my ‘main’ tree (god I sound like such a prick saying that as if I had 12 different ones but anyway) and perhaps next year, I’ll invest in a few more pretty bits and pieces to go on this one. I was thinking some large faux magnolia picks might be pretty! I just didn’t want to go too crazy with spending on it so this will do for the time being!

dining room decorated for Christmas

As the sideboard faces the doorway as you walk into the room, I figured I’d concentrate most of my decorating efforts here. Alongside my DIY advent calendar (you can see that one here), I just included a few bottle brush trees, a little white and gold Santa figurine and a glass tree filled with a trailing gold leaf garland and some tiny LED fairy lights and a few other bits and baubles that I’ve had for years.

Sideboard styling for Christmas

Despite the fact that I’ve mostly used pinks and golds in my decor, I think it still looks pretty festive despite not really being very traditional. I wanted this room to have a bit of a lighter touch than the living room (which I’ll share once that’s fully done) so I only added a few extra bits around the room.

vintage gold shelving unit decorated for Christmas with pink tree

sideboard styling for Christmas in pink burgundy and gold

As much as I would have loved to have left the dinner setting just as it was in the room for the rest of the month (Ha!) I figured I could leave the table with some of the styling bits for every day.

Christmas decor in dining room with faux bamboo chairs and gold accents

I had a few questions on the vase which I’m rather in love with. It was gifted to me from a small Glasgow-based brand called Vespiary and the manufacturer is a Danish brand called AYTM. You can find it here and I’d encourage you to look around as they have quite a lot of lovely pieces

pink christmas tree in dining room

It all looks rather lovely and cosy at night too – in fact, we’ve not even bothered with the main light in here since adding the rest of the decorations and we’ve been using this room so much more since the little makeover. I’ll be sharing my living room a little later in December and next week, I’m going to be doing a whole bunch of buying guides for everyone on your list so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think of my rather ‘non-traditional’ Christmas dining room? Would you ever consider getting a pink tree?!

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