Now, you know I’ve been a fan of wallpaper now for years. I can get lost for hours discovering the new trends, colours and patterns that are due to make waves over the course of the year and I’ve chosen quite a few different ones to grace my own home. Of course, now that we’ve moved house, the search has started again but this time, I’m actually quite eager to go a new direction.

I’m pretty sure you can guess what I’m going to say considering the title of my post. I’ve been looking at wall murals now for quite some time* and given the advances that have been made the last decade in digital printing, there’s pretty much something for everyone out there. From vintage style to bold contemporary patterns to removable vinyl (perfect for renters or commitment-phobes like me!) to full-scale photography and those that mimic old world oil paintings. The options are almost limitless which is great as a consumer but also not so great when you need to make a decision! #inspirationoverload

*I say ‘quite some time’ but it was, in fact, early 2015 when I spied Gwen from The Makerista’s gorgeous dining room mural that the idea to use one somewhere someday got stuck in my head.

While it may be a while before I can actually put a mural up in my house (details here in case you missed it), it doesn’t stop me searching, pinning and planning. One of the rooms I’m quite keen on having a mural is in our bedroom. As I said in my post revealing the styling at the moment, I’m going to be living with that lovely pink colour for a little while so I’m not in a huge hurry. However, I came across this image not long ago and it was this that made me decide that yes, I really do want to put one in this room at some point.

doisy hotel wall mural

Now, this beauty is one of the rooms in the Doisy Hotel, a boutique hotel situated in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. It was recently renovated entirely by BR Design Interieur but I discovered it over on Poppytalk. The whole place is just a lesson on neutrals and there are touches of soft pinks and peaches throughout which absolutely kills me dead – it’s just stunning. You can see the same mural again in this Parisian apartment which shows some better shots of it too.

So of course, I started researching about the wall mural and it turns out it’s a vintage etching called Oasis of Gafsa by Charles Barbant. You can purchase the wall mural from Au fil des Couleurs but the site is French and I’m not entirely sure if they ship worldwide (for those of you lucky enough to live in Italy or Spain, they appear to have sites in those languages so you may be in luck). I have looked everywhere to see if there are any UK-based sites that stock it as a mural to no avail. And while this particular one is definitely high on the list, it’s not the only one I’m getting all heart-eyed over. So I figured I’d share my roundup of monochrome murals that I’m loving right now.

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Anthropologie Etched Arcadia Mural

Anthropologie has sold the Etched Arcadia Mural for quite some time now and it remains a firm favourite.

Holy Cow Mural Woodchip and Magnolia

Woodchip and Magnolia have one called Holy Cow that has a similar sort of look but I quite like the addition of the little grazing cows! It’s so traditional but look how fab it looks with more contemporary pieces contrasting it!

Shaded Landscape Mural

Anewall ships worldwide and has a tonne of gorgeous murals. This dreamy watercolour landscape one is just stunning though. I love how soft the forms are. Photographer: John Englefield for The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair

Jaguar Black and White Wall Mural from Anewall

Rather loving the jungle motif as you can see. The Jaguar Mural from Anewall could be pretty amazing as well. I love that it looks like it comes from a vintage children’s book illustration.

Tropical Cheetah Wall Mural from Bloomsy Wallpapers on Etsy

Here’s another new way to do the jungle trend, this time from Bloomsy Wallpapers on Etsy. How gorgeous are those big cats and monstera leaves?

Anewall Harvesters Black and White Vintage Mural

And going back to the vintage landscape theme, this one is another from Anewall called The Harvesters mural, painted by Pieter Brueghel.

This Swallow illustration from The Goodies Wallpaper on Etsy reminds me a little of oriental style paintings. It would be perfect in a room where you didn’t want huge impact, just quietly good-looking backdrop.

I don’t like the room setting here so let’s ignore that bit but I think with the right furniture and accessories, this bamboo wallpaper scene from Dreamy Home Co on Etsy could be beautiful. I love how much movement there is in the trees, water and birds. It’s very calming, don’t you think?

This one has a similar vibe but I like how your eye would be drawn upwards naturally wherever this wall mural from Jess Art Decoration on Etsy was placed. Perfect if you are lucky enough to have nice tall ceilings!

Another water-colour based mural but I quite like how moody this one from Blue Decor Murals on Etsy is. I think it’d be stunning to just go run with the vibe and team it with a darker wall colour.

And finally, this last one is called Hazy Illusions from Mr Perswall for good reason. The pattern is so subtle but it’d be so calming and soft in a bedroom.


So that’s my roundup for today. I’d love to know which one is your favourite?



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