It’s been a while since I shared my bedroom and as I’d made some little changes here and there to it over the last few months I figured I’d share it with you today. You may remember back in November where I gave the whole space a bit of a boho refresh and I loved it so much that I haven’t really changed too much. So no major makeovers here, just little touches to freshen things up.

black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard leopard print cushions and gold pineapple lamp

And I think that’s the thing with keeping your spaces feeling fresh – a few swaps, a couple small adjustments, maybe some new art or plants and bam! It just feels so much better.

hanging succulent with black wall and framed prints

So one of the things you see as you walk in the room is what I like to call ‘the poshest cat bed’. Those who’ve been reading my blog for a while will know this is actually a vintage glass and brass coffee table that I loved but Wayne hated. I absolutely refuse to get rid of it, however, so was using the two smaller half-circle end pieces in the living room. At the moment, as my home is in a bit of a flux whilst we’re working on the man cave, I decided to reunite the smaller side pieces of the table with the main square middle piece.

black bedroom with ornate gold mirror and gold bench

This is likely just temporary but I do actually kind of like that it’s created a make-shift bench in the room under the mirror. I covered it with a couple of faux fur throws that I’ve had for years and it’s where Meisha sleeps because she’s spoiled because it’s in front of the radiator. You couldn’t actually sit there (it’s a bit too delicate to hold a person’s weight) but it does look pretty and can hold a cat so win-win.

black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard leopard print cushions and gold pineapple lamp

The bedding hasn’t really changed much. I fell in love with this combination of bedding and cushions a while ago and the only new addition is that little velvet lumbar cushion from Christy that you may remember from my post about creating a boutique hotel look in the bedroom.

black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard leopard print cushions and gold pineapple lamp

Even the bedside tables haven’t really changed but I have added some spring blooms to my side (fauxs from OKA) to brighten it up and give it a bit of colour and I moved a little gold bowl over to Wayne’s side to hold his loose change.

black bedroom with black and white photography art, black campaign style ikea nightstand and yellow headboard

On the chest of drawers in the alcove, I swapped out the hanging plant with this succulent and changed the lampshade to my Chiang Mai Dragon fabric-covered one which provides a splash of colour in a mostly neutral space. I’ve also changed up some of the artwork here.

black boho glam bedroom with vintage dresser and plants

I recently got these two lovely prints from Eclectic Street on Instagram and I just love them. I shared them over on Instagram in my Stories but at the time, I wasn’t entirely sure where they’d end up so I decided to round out my collection of ‘lady faces’ over in this corner. I don’t know what my thing is for artwork with females but I’m clearly obsessed.

black boho glam bedroom with vintage dresser and plants

I think they look rather lovely on this side wall and I have the perfect view of them whilst laying in bed. Again, they add just a touch of colour for summer. I didn’t want to go crazy adding all the colour back into the room but a few pieces here and there pop nicely against the black walls. The top one is called Kate’s Hiding and the one below is called Liz In Full Bloom. I love their weird whimsical quality.

black wall with art prints and plants

I also ended up replacing the Yucca plant that was by the window. It was on its last legs and I went to re-pot it and broke the roots right off it by mistake – gahh! So this little Dracaena marginata has taken its place.

Dracaena marginata in black bedroom with gold accents

Of course, Meisha wasn’t going to move from her napping spot but she just matches the room so well, I simply didn’t have the heart to shift her. I think she makes a rather fetching accessory regardless ;) (before you call Animal Welfare, I’m joking! I love my kitty cat and don’t really view her as an accessory, I swear. Okay sometimes. But still.)

black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard leopard print cushions and gold pineapple lamp and bengal cat

So that’s really it! While there are no really big changes here, it’s always nice to keep things freshened up. The truth is, I’m actually pretty happy with this room (shock horror) and have rather surprised myself that I’ve not felt the need to give it a complete makeover in the last 6 months – ha! Of course, that dreadful carpet needs to go and I’m not entirely sure what we’ll do with it now. We have always wanted to lay new flooring and stain it as we have the rest of the house but with a move sometime in the ‘near-ish’ future, I don’t know if we’ll take on the extra work so it might just be a swap to a new/different one. We’ll see.

black boho glam bedroom with vintage dresser and plants

Otherwise, that’s the bedroom at the moment with a bit of a refresh for the summer. Have you made any summer swaps in your home lately?

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