As much as I love our current house, it was never meant to be our ‘forever home’. Having stepped up the property ladder from a much smaller new build into our Edwardian semi-detached house, it was our middle rung that would eventually get us to the one that would carry that moniker. The funny thing was, we said we’d only be here for 3 years and then it moved to 5 and now we’ve found ourselves here for nearly 7 years.

Edwardian house with victorian black and white style tiles

Our front door and patio which we completed nearly two years ago.

And that just goes to show how a house can really grow on you. How much it can become such an integral part of your life. For us, this has proved truer than most. Our house became our project and in turn, it became the subject of my blog, eventually leading to a new career in blogging for me. It carries such a great amount of emotional weight that parting will be incredibly difficult.

kitchen with black cupboards with white open shelving, marble tiles and brass accents

“But, Kimberly,” I hear you ask, “why the heck would you want to leave at all? I mean, you just finished your kitchen!!” That’s a damn good question. Let me explain.

  • First, as I mentioned, this was never going to be our forever home. We’ve loved it and it suited us well when we first purchased it but we’ve both learned so much in terms of interior design and DIY in this home that we’re keen to apply that knowledge in a whole new place. I admit, some of the things we did the wrong way around due to lack of budget or time but this time I want to do it right and prioritise properly. And, honestly, there are only so many times you can redo a room without it getting a bit same-y! So it’s time for a new project.
  • Second, as much as we love Manchester, we are both getting incredibly fed up with the amount of rain and cold we have here. Living in the North West has meant that there is no guarantee of nice weather in summer and that we can just as easily have 12 degrees in the middle of June (accompanied by downpours) as we can 20 degrees (and to be honest, the former is more likely than the latter). Not being able to take advantage of our outside space as much as we’d like to means that on any really lovely day, we end up almost in a panic because we absolutely HAVE to be out there, soaking up whatever bit of sunshine we can get. I’d like to live somewhere the weather is not quite as rainy and the sun shines just a little more often. I’m not asking for the Caribbean here, I just want a break from the rain.
  • Third, Wayne has grown up in this area and has lived here his entire life. He’s ready for a change of scenery and a fresh outlook. As someone who has moved around most of her life, I can’t deny him the pleasure of exploring and getting settled into new surroundings in a totally different area. He needs it as much as I do.

Your next question might be, “So when are you leaving?” Well, not for a little while. At the moment, we’re looking towards the end of summer 2018 so we’ve got over a year left in this house to finish off areas like the ‘man cave’ and the hallway and to live in a fully completed house for at least just a little while.

The next Swoon Worthy chapter? Probably not but it’s nice to dream! You can see this house here on Tepilo.

Swiftly followed by, “Where are you moving to?” Well, this again, we aren’t 100% sure about. We’ve pinpointed a few areas that we like the look of and we’ve been concentrating our efforts in those areas, checking out various properties to see what we’ll be able to afford for our money and finding out as much as we can about the areas. The issue at this moment is that it’s subject to change so I don’t want to reveal all the details of that just yet. In time, my dear, in time.

Same house. What I wouldn’t give for a nice big bathroom though!

The thing about not having children is that our options are pretty wide open and while we’ll stay in England and we’d prefer to be within a reasonable distance to Wayne’s family, we know that Wayne’s skills in automotive painting are needed everywhere (people do drive cars everywhere) and as a freelancer, I can work virtually anywhere. We don’t have to worry about schools or pulling our kids out. We can just pack up the kitties and pup and be on our way.

None of this uncertainty has stopped me from looking. I mean, property websites for me are like crack. Even when we aren’t considering a move, I still love to be a complete voyeur and just browse for hours on property search websites. Recently, I discovered a new one called Tepilo, created by the DIY TV master, Sarah Beeny (her of Property Ladder and various other Channel 4 property programmes fame). One of the things I really like about it is the sheer amount of filters that are available to pinpoint exactly what you want.

Another Edwardian, perhaps? You can find this house on Tepilo here.

The thing is, we’re going to be really picky about the next house. I’ve already discovered about myself how specific I want this next house to be and I’m probably putting myself under undue pressure to find “the one” but I do believe it’s out there. And Tepilo allows me to be as absolutely as picky as I want to be! With filters for location, price, the type of property, parking, garden, number of reception rooms, bathrooms, etc., it means finding what you want quicker than ever.

That same Edwardian house has a utility room – LIVING THE DREAM RIGHT THERE.

While these housesΒ are not specifically ones we are seriously considering (nor are they necessarily in areas we are considering), I wanted to share a couple of pretty amazing properties that are in our price range at the moment in various locations around the UK and chat a little about what’s on our wishlist!

This gorgeous period property has a killer garden!

A decent sized south-facing garden is a must! And it can’t be on or close toΒ a main road – we’ve got furry kids to think about! High up on the wishlist is a driveway too. After years of DIY with no where to put a skip (we have street parking where we are so it costs a bomb), we just want the option of having our own space to put our cars.

I’m also keen on a garage or an outbuilding of some sort for an area to work out of. Painting furniture, doing projects – it really does take over the house so having a place to do these things under cover without wrecking the joint would be great.

That same house also features a separate garage that’d be perfect as a workshop!

I’m desperate for a place with high ceilings and some original features as well. It’s something I’ve loved about living in our current house and just don’t want to give that up. A light, bright space is ideal for taking pictures and so a tiny cottage with low ceilings and beams just wouldn’t suit us.

A lovely sized hallway from the first house above, much bigger than my postage stamp one! And check out that flooring!

Can I dream as well about having a bigger hallway? Our current one is tiny and narrow with no place to even stick a small piece of furniture. I’d love a place where I can have some space when I walk through the door without having to worry I’m going to knock something off a wall. We’re also looking for a bit of a project – nothing too nicely done up and something that needs a little love so we can add value whilst making it our own.

So yes, for now, we’re looking, dreaming, plotting and planning for our next move which will be the big one. Of course, once I know more and once we’re more certain in terms of where we’ll end up, I’ll be letting you come along for the ride. In the meantime, I’ll be checking out property websites like Tepilo to fuel my fire and make parting just a little bit easier.

What would be on your ‘must-haves’ list? Are you a bit addicted to looking at property websites as well? I can’t be the only one who does this for fun!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Tepilo and images of homes on the site were used with kind permission but all words and opinions are my own. I only partner with companies I really like and think you’ll like too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy!

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