So finally after months and months of this project, I can show you the finished Victorian floor tiles and my gorgeous new look patio. Now, I know you’ll be chomping at the bit to scroll down but I would be remiss if I didn’t first mention that this project was only possible with the amazing help of Original Style. Working with them on this has genuinely be a pleasure from start to finish and I’m so grateful to have such wonderful sponsors here on Swoon Worthy.

Swoon Worthy front patio reveal

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Intro to the Project and Before Pictures / Deciding on a Tile Pattern Design / Work Begins / Tile Progress / DIY Planters

Before we get to all the ‘after’ photos,  I really have to show you guys again what we started with. I took these pictures back in September of last year so nearly a year ago now (!) to show Original Style what we were starting with and shared them with you in October. Whilst I had repainted the front door, gave it some new hardware, painted the alcove earlier and ripped out some of the old planting in 2013, that was as far as I had been able to get in terms of creating any kind of curb appeal and the rest was really looking rather sad and neglected.

Swoon Worthy front patio before 4

Weeds had taken over, the white post needed painting and the only saving grace was the laurel hedge which provided a bit of green and privacy.

Swoon Worthy front patio before 3

The old tarmac was falling to bits, the gate was rusted and the steps were cracked and broken.

Swoon Worthy front patio before 2Swoon Worthy front patio before 1

With Original Style‘s assistance, we chose colours, styles and tiles we liked and it was a collaborative effort to create the design.  Then, Original Style’s local retailer here in Disbury, Alberti Pavimenti, worked tirelessly to prepare the ground and painstakingly lay each individual tile to the design.

Aside from the tiling, I have painted the white posts as well as given the iron gate a fresh coat of shiny black paint and I painted the window sills as well. I also created some really simple DIY planters to dress up the space in flowers and plants that I knew had a better chance of surviving the lack of direct sunlight.

Well, it’s nearly unrecognisable from those ‘before’ pictures so I’m just going to shut up now and let the pictures do the talking…

Welcome to my new look front patio.

Swoon Worthy front patio after 1Swoon Worthy front patio after 7

Swoon Worthy front patio after 8

Swoon Worthy - Edwardian home front patio after 6

Swoon Worthy front patio steps black and white tiles

Swoon Worthy front patio Victorian Floor TilesSwoon Worthy front patio after 4Swoon Worthy front patio after 3Swoon Worthy front patio after 5

Everyone I dealt with on this remodel from the lovely Sarah at Original Style who organised everything to Scott the designer who created my wonderful design to the team at Alberti Pavimenti (Paul, Ian and Matt) who were such a pleasure to deal with and finally, to freelance photographer Martyn Hicks who I just met last week to take pictures of the tiles for Original Style’s brochures – EVERY SINGLE PERSON was a joy to deal with. I love when that happens and I was grateful to work with such passionate and talented people on this.

Swoon Worthy Edwardian Home with black and white tiles

I adore the way the front of the house now looks. Martyn took some fantastic shots of Quito whilst he was here so I’m going to be sharing those with  you soon for you dog lovers out there. I couldn’t believe how photogenic Quito was – so keep an eye out for that ;)

And I have to give a little shout out to Paul from Alberti Pavimenti who volunteered to pop by the evening before the shoot to give the tiles a proper deep clean before their debut – you’re a star!

Swoon Worthy front patio after 2

A huge huge thanks again to Original Style!

So… what do you think of the final look? Was it worth the wait?!


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Disclaimer: *Please note that Original Style does not supply directly to the public but works with carefully selected and incredibly talented retailers to bring the same kind of personal service that I’ve received straight to you locally. To find your nearest retailer, please visit Original Style.  I am working with Original Style on this latest project but as always, all words and opinions are completely my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that allow me to bring you new content here on Swoon Worthy. That said, I only work with companies I really like and think you might like too!

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