I am a big believer in the splurge. I spoke a little bit about those items that are worthwhile investments within my post about mixing high and low. But today, I wanted to go into a little more detail about what I think is worth a little extra cash if you’ve got some spare and why.

The 6 Smartest Design Investments You Should be Making

Okay, I mean, who has cash to spare? What I’m actually trying to say is that even if you are on a tight budget, it’s worth putting just a bit extra aside for these particular items and saving on everything else. Or if you are looking to upgrade your current items, what you should be considering as the best items to invest in first. So yes, go to the inexpensive shops – the mass-produced Swedish megachain, the supermarket, the High Street – hell, the POUND SHOP if you fancy it – but for these bits, consider a little bit of luxury. Here are the design investments I think are totally worth a little extra spend and why.

Great bedding

black bedroom with yellow headboard boho accents

I think I was in my mid-30’s the very first time I purchased a really lovely high-quality set of bedding and I’ll be honest, I never went back to supermarket or cheap brands again. There is something deliciously comforting about really good quality linens. Think about it – you’re putting it next to your SKIN – shouldn’t it feel good? Skip the polyester blends, I don’t care how easy they iron, and get the good stuff. The high-quality cotton in an extra high thread count, the luxe linen that gets softer with each wash. You will never ever regret the purchase.

Good quality towels

high quality towels on white hex tile background and anthropologie hooks

Similar to the bedding idea, scratchy cheap towels are a false investment. They don’t feel particularly nice, may not be terribly absorbent and won’t particularly age well. Using good quality towels is a little treat you will give yourself every day. They go against your bare skin so shouldn’t it feel good? And if you invest in good quality, they’ll last many years and retain their softness and absorbency for a very long time.

A beautiful sofa

olive velvet chesterfield sofa with botanical wallpaper

Yeah, I’m banging on about my sofa again. I don’t think that at the time I purchased it 7 years ago that I’d still love it even now. I actually considered getting it in a dark plum colour at the time (can you imagine?!) but decided instead to go for a colour that I’ve just always loved and not one that I was merely smitten with at that exact moment. I also decided to go for a bespoke model because while velvet chesterfields are available now all over the place (and olive velvet is a big trend!), at the time, they just weren’t and olive green wasn’t a popular colour at all in interiors.

So I figured I’d make my own (well, so to speak – I had it made by people who actually knew what they were doing).Β Spending the money on a high-quality sofa was a splurge at the time but I have never for one day regretted our decision. It’s beautiful, well-made and is still going strong. To be honest, I’m dreading ever having to replace it because I would want something with the same kind of longevity that we’ve enjoyed with this classic beauty.

A gorgeous dining table or chairs

dining room white table and white chairs and big art

I’m including this in my list probably because I’m looking to upgrade mine soon (oh my god I can’t wait to share with you the details but it’ll have to wait). I have had 2 different dining tables in this house already but the next one will probably be my last for quite a long time. The thing is, I’ve bought fairly inexpensively each time and while there was nothing particularly wrong with the one I had previously or in fact, the one I have now, neither were ‘perfect’ for me.

But think of it this way: the dining table in a dining room takes up the most real estate in the room. If you don’t have a great table, invest in some great chairs instead. Same kind of thing – they take up a lot of the space in a room so you might as well make sure you have the best and most beautiful you can afford.

A statement ceiling light

gold ceiling light in black bedroom with geometric curtains boho glam

While I don’t think every single room needs an expensive light fixture, consider adding it to your most-used, most-seen spaces. And whatever you do, don’t scrimp on the size. If there’s one area you can afford to go a bit over-sized, it’s in your overhead lighting. It will catch your eye, making you look up instinctively and in effect, fool the eye into thinking your room is bigger than it is. There’s nothing worse than a tiny little weedy light in a larger space. If you can afford to upgrade to something a little special, it’ll elevate the rest of the room too.

Nice art

gina julian artwork against wallpaper

Don’t get me wrong. I know artwork can get pricey. But the difference it makes in a space can be amazing. I have no issue with using inexpensive or mass produced artwork here and there in my home and I have done many times. But when I do spend a little bit more on something I truly love (either originals or limited edition prints), it fills me with joy every time I see it. And isn’t that what art should do? Fill you with emotion?

I said to a friend the other day that art has so little to do with practicality and everything to do with emotion. Spending a little more on what you really love might be an investment but I promise, if you truly love it, you’ll find a way to make it work for many years, no matter how much your tastes change over that time. If you have an emotional investment to a piece, that’ll last.

So those are just a few of the things I think make worthwhile investments for your home if you’ve got the money or you are at the point where you want to start replacing some of your existing items and upgrading them. What about you? What would be on your ‘great investment’ list?

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