So if you’ve been following me blog for the last few years – okay, let’s be honest, for the last few DAYS – you’ll know that I have a love of all things gold. Kinda like a less flashy (and less ‘flakey’) version of this guy.

Gold Bamboo Cutlery

And that love extends to even every day items like cutlery and utensils (you can see my set of gold utensils here). I have a set of gold cutlery that I scored off eBay for a song nearly 5 years ago and I have proceeded to use that same set of cutlery in every single table setting I’ve done over the years ever since.

My Gold Cutlery over the years

I think it’s time for a new set, don’t you think?? 

But I was starting to tire of it – not for it’s ability to transform any table setting into something a little extra special – but of that fact that I hadn’t used anything else in years… and well, I like a little variety in my life. Also, the set I have is gold electroplated over stainless steel. Which means that over the years of using it (even though I only use it on occasion and even though I’d only ever hand washed it) the finish had started to fade on some of the pieces which made me very sad.

gold cutlery in gold pineapple

Well, way back in November last year, I saw Julia’s Thanksgiving table setting and I had an epiphany. I simply HAD to find a set of gold bamboo cutlery for myself. (Go on and click that link – it opens in a new window and you can have a look once you’re finished here. It’s gorgeous).


So for the last 8 months, I’ve had a saved search on my eBay for ‘gold bamboo cutlery’. It so rarely came up and there was one point where I nearly won a set for around £20 but someone used those sniper sites and outbid me by 1p with 3 seconds left to go. I was very very sad. But I realised something. Within the listing it had referred to the set as ‘bronze’. Hmm. Had I been searching for the wrong thing? I started a new search for ‘bronze bamboo cutlery’ and lo and behold, more choices suddenly appeared. So there’s a little hint for those looking – use the search term ‘bronze’ rather than ‘gold’.

After this realisation, I continued looking for a bargain – and a bargain I found. A six place gold bamboo cutlery set for £25. Oh yeah, come to mama.

See my tips on becoming an eBay ninja here!

Gold Bamboo Cutlery 1

I adore them. The fact that they are solid bronze means they won’t wear like the plated ones and they came in so much cheaper than a lot of the new plated versions that are available online that I’ve heard horror stories about. They simply require a polish with a metal cleaner if they lose their lustre and they’ll be good as new.

Gold Bamboo Cutlery 2

My gold bamboo cutlery set is presumably from the 1950’s or 1960’s going by the little ‘guarantee’ that was included in the box. Unfortunately, the name of the manufacturer isn’t actually listed but it does say that it was made in Thailand and distributed here in the UK. I did a quick search on Google to see if I could find out more but unfortunately, my trail went cold.

Gold Bamboo Cutlery

If you come upon a set like this at a good price, then why not treat yourself to something a little special to shove food into your face? I mean, we eat every single day of our lives, 3 times a day presumably. Why do we take so much care and attention when buying a top  you might wear 10 times and yet we don’t pay a jot of attention to what we use thousands of times over the years? A pretty set of cutlery, in my mind at least, is a better investment ;)

Gold Bamboo Cutlery

Now, despite the fact that these are solid bronze, I will still be hand-washing them. Anything vintage like this requires just a little extra care but isn’t the fact that they are a little special worth it? I think so.

Gold Bamboo Cutlery

I can’t wait to do a table setting now with these. And I’m going to be teaming up with an incredible textile designer to bring you a summer table setting very soon so stay tuned for their big debut.

In the meantime, would you spend 6 months searching for a special set of cutlery? Perhaps you have a set yourself that you love? I’d love to hear if so!


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