I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. There are a few reasons for this. First, my birthday is in late January, just one short month after Christmas and by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, I always feel like it’s a little unfair to expect my partner to spend even more money on me after the excesses of those two rather important dates in such quick succession. Secondly, I always think of it as a way for companies to make just a bit more cash from us. I mean, shouldn’t every day be about showing our significant other’s our love? Shouldn’t we appreciate them every single day rather than just on that one? I think most people feel this way but well, they’ll still spend all the monies on teddy bears that say ‘I wuv you’ and overpriced roses at the supermarket. So after all that, here I am with a Valentine’s Day post. ‘The hypocrisy!’ I hear you cry.

Want to avoid those tacky Valentine's Day cliches but still do something special? Here's how to create a romantic Valentine's Day table setting with breakfast for two.

Well, yes and no. The thing is, I decided this year, to give myself a little challenge. I wanted to create a romantic Valentine’s Day setting without the cheesy motifs of naked babies practising archery or the overt pressure of everything having to be red. I wanted to create two ideas, each showing how you can use what you already have with a bit of added attention to the details to create something rather special for your other half. Today, I’m sharing my Valentine’s Day table setting and on Friday, I’ll be sharing a romantic coffee table styling post. Let’s start with breakfast, shall we?

Want to treat your other half to something special? Here's how to create a romantic Valentine's Day table setting for two.

The way I figure, you can’t go far wrong with flaky pastry and fruit for breakfast. On one hand, fruit = healthy and pastry = naughty but on a special occasion, then sod the rules and just enjoy what makes you happy. Clearly, you don’t have to serve up either of these things (let’s be honest, this is really more about the setting than anything else) but the point I’m trying to make is that you don’t have to cook up a feast to greet your significant other in the morning. Keeping things simple is never a bad thing and it’s far less stressful to fry up a couple of eggs on toast or make a lovely bowl of porridge with fruit toppings than it is to try to make a lavish meal that’s only going to stress you out.

Treat your other half to a romantic breakfast Valentine's Day table setting for two!

I always like to layer my table settings. There’s a definite more-is-more approach to my styling but I always feel the additional details create some lovely texture and colour that make a table setting just that bit more interesting and engaging. Starting with a simple pale pink linen table runner, I layered white and gold chargers on top and added casual napkins that take it to the next level with a gold zebra print.

Avoid the tacky cliches and treat your loved one to a romantic Valentine's Day table setting for two

I also layered my plates – the bottom plate is from Anthropologie which I’ve had for aeons now. The extra burst in colour from the pattern really sets off the entire setting. You really don’t have to just stick strictly to a red-pink-white palette for Valentine’s Day. Bring some other colours into the mix to make it a bit more multi-dimensional. One top of this floral print, I chose two gold stripe plates – the larger one in white, the smaller one in blush pink.

Here's how to create a romantic Valentine's Day table setting with breakfast for two

I pulled out some of my prettiest gold and white mugs and gold glasses to keep the setting a little less formal and a bit more relaxed. You can find the DIY to those marble and gold coasters here.

Find out how to create a special Valentine's Day table setting with breakfast for two.

What you really don’t want for a two person table setting is anything too high in the middle. I set some fresh tulips in a vase to add colour and height – but setting it off to the side instead of in the centre. Instead, use a small votive or glass candle to add a bit of ambience alongside your prettiest mix and match pieces. As a side note, every time I share that gold elephant teapot, I get questions! You can find your own here*.

Find out how to create a Valentine's Day table setting with breakfast for two

Consider using some unusual pieces as well to mix thing up. These little ceramic trays were perfect for additional fruit and add more pattern to the table without overwhelming it as they are in the same gold and white palette as the plates. I also mixed a few of the finishes – the shiny gold of the teapot and creamer, the brushed gold finish of the sugar bowl. It all adds layers and interest and creates a setting that’s just that bit less fussy.

Avoid any cheesiness and create a Valentine's Day table setting for your loved one

As a final little nod to cheesy Valentine’s cliches, of course, I had to add one tiny little detail to the table. Little red and pink chocolate love hearts. I know, I know. Well, no one is going to argue with chocolate for breakfast, are they?

Go all out and create a Valentine's Day table setting with breakfast for two

For those of you enjoying singledom, there’s no reason you can’t treat a mate or just yourself to a little added fun at Breakfast come 14th February. Or do it Lesley Knope style with a Galentine’s Day breakfast instead. #ovariesbeforebrovaries There really are no rules.

What do you think of my Valentine’s breakfast table setting? How would you style up your own breakfast for V-day? Are you a fan of the holiday – or not so much like me?? 

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