A friend recently remarked that she felt better about buying something from IKEA when she realised that the gold rails in my kitchen were from there. She had this impression that I would never set foot in one because my style is decidedly not even remotely ‘Swedish’ and my place doesn’t really look like anyone else’s.

That was a fabulous compliment of course (at least I think she meant it as a compliment) but I had to correct her and say, ‘Actually I have quite a few things from IKEA in my home!” so I thought today, I would share some of my favourite IKEA hacks from around my home.

Glammed Up Grundtal Gold Rails

One of my favourite Ikea hacks is the Ikea Grundtal Rails in Gold - Swoon Worthy

I’ll start with the obvious – the gold rails my friend was surprised were from IKEA. They were simply spray painted in Montana Gold Gold Chrome and mounted beneath the cupboards in my kitchen rather than on the wall. It completely changed the vibe in the kitchen and they are still holding up rather well!

Campaign Style Rast Hack Bedside Tables

My second favourite Ikea hack is the Ikea Rast Hack - Swoon Worthy

These were so simple to do as well. I simply primed and spray painted the really inexpensive and perfectly sized IKEA Rast drawers in a bright blue paint, added hardware and corner braces and called it a day.

Converting Senela Curtains to a Pleated Header

Another of my favourite Ikea hacks: Converting curtains from Grommets to Pleated Header via Swoon Worthy

These thick velvety curtains come with grommets originally but it was so easy to change them over to a pleated header for a little more of a luxury look. I’ve since moved the last curtain ring over so they cover the edge of the window completely – silly error.

Glammed Up Billy Bookcases

My Ikea Billy Bookcase is one of my favourite Ikea hacks - Swoon Worthy

A little more than a few hours of work but totally worth it for the result. With some simple trimming out with wood, an oil-based paint and some fancy wallpaper, my minty green wonders are still looking great in my dressing room.

Gold Omar shelving unit

One of my favourite Ikea hacks within my office is the Ikea Omar Shelves painted gold via Swoon Worthy

In my office, again, I pulled out my trusty gold spray paint and turned what would normally be a pretty boring industrial shelving system into something a little prettier.

“Replanting” Fejka artificial plants

One of my favourite Ikea hacks is a really simple one, find out how to replant the Ikea Fejka artificial plants via Swoon Worthy

Not much of a hack really but worth mentioning. I always remove the little plastic holders from these artificial plants (I have a few of these with different leaves) and stick them in an interesting pot – you can see another in the bedroom picture above. If I don’t have to water it and fear killing it, I’m happy. My Mother-in-Law (who is a master with house plants) thought it was real. If it can fool her, job well done.

And finally from long long ago…

IKEA kitchen cabinets resprayed white (with new handles)

Another of my favourite Ikea hacks is my Ikea kitchen cupboard units spray painted white via Swoon Worthy

Yes, these are due for another makeover soon but considering they started out in a laminate wood finish, they have held up rather well over the last 4 years and have never yellowed or chipped. They are starting to look a little worn now and I want to get new handles for them but the fact that we were able to essentially ‘recycle’ our units meant we saved a ton of money.

So those are all my various IKEA hacks around my house as well as having quite a few random bits and pieces from there anyway. I am lucky in that I have a store only 15 minutes away but I actually avoid going there simply because I know I always end up spending way more than I intended to! My wallet thanks me.

What IKEA pieces have you hacked? Any favourites of the ones I’ve shown? Or maybe you’ve seen some other amazing hacks on other sites (some of them simply blow me away) and you want to share? Go for it. The comment box awaits!

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