*This post is the first of a 3-part series of making your own home made gift set using essential oils! Check out my DIY Soap with Essential Oils and my DIY Candle with Essential Oils – all with downloadable labels to make a matching set!*

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You know already that I love using essential oils to create my own lovely scented things – from beauty products to candles, soap and fragrance diffusers, I always find a use for my little growing stash of various scents. I’m not huge fan of breathing in a lot of chemicals and additives in commercial fragrances (although I do admit to succumbing from time to time, I’m only human) but I do prefer to use natural fragrances whenever I can.

My latest essential oil venture was off the back of a Facebook conversation with a fellow blogger, Molly (from Molly and the Princess – go have a visit!), where she was talking about making her own pine-scented Christmas room spray which she sprays right on the tree to enhance the scent! Sparked by the idea, I decided to create my own and it’s probably the one of easiest ones I’ve made yet.

Suprise your family and friends with a homemade gift this year! Follow my simple steps and find out how to make my Christmas room spray with essential oils.

The smells of Christmas have the ability to evoke all the spirits of Christmas past – those nostalgic scents are always a welcome fragrance and so for this, I combined three of my favourites – cinnamon, orange and clove. Lightly spray in the air, on fabrics or curtains* for a lovely instant winter scent. This is also a great alternative if you don’t want to leave burning candles in the house or leave a stove-top potpourri on all day.

Find out how to make your own Christmas room spray with my simple DIY and free downloadable labels

* Before using on fabrics, test it first in a discrete area. Because alcohol can irritate the lungs, avoid spraying immediately near children, pets or people with breathing difficulties. Stay safe, peeps.

Now as I was making this, I realised how lovely these would be as home made gifts. A bottle of essential oil is not terribly expensive (around a fiver) and as you don’t need loads, you can easily make quite a few room sprays (as well as other things) with a few bottles. I decided to get a bit fancy and also created my own labels which I’m making available for you to download (see below) and create your own too. See how easy Christmas is going to be??

Make your own DIY Christmas room spray with free downloadable labels - Swoon Worthy

I decided to use a glass bottle for mine to give it a bit of a luxury feel and so that I could leave it out on display. If you are really looking to make this a budget option, you can easily use a plastic bottle instead. The only recommendation is an amber colour, simply because light can destroy the oils and amber bottles will mean it lasts much longer.

Cinnamon, Orange and Clove Essential Oil Natural Room Spray

Here’s what you’ll need…

What you'll need to make my DIY Christmas room spray with essential oils

I linked to the ones I used but obviously, you can choose from any brand you wish.

1 100ml (3.5 fl oz) amber glass spray bottle *

10 drops Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil *

60 drops Orange Essential Oil *

20 drops Clove Bud Essential Oil *

~30 ml (~1 oz) clear vodka *
(or substitute isopropyl/rubbing alcohol)

water (distilled or filtered works best but you can use tap as well)

Label (download here and print – opens in new window)

1 sheet of sticker paper ~or~ normal paper and double sided tape

*denotes afilliliate link – you don’t pay any more but you’ll be contributing a few pennies to Swoon Worthy! Win-win!

The reason you want to include the alcohol is because oil and water don’t mix very well as we all learned when we were 8 years old. However, the alcohol acts as an emulsifier and allows them to stay together more easily.

Here’s how it’s done…

Pour your vodka into the bottle first, then add the essential oils.

Screw the cap on and shake well and leave for 1 – 2 hours (this is important to ensure the oils will bind with the alcohol).

Follow my easy steps to find out how to make your own Christmas room spray with essential oils.

Once it’s blended, then add the water to fill up the bottle. Shake again to fully mix.

For the labels, I created three different ones – the one you see on my own bottle for this recipe, one for gift giving if you intend to mix a different fragrance at Christmas (consider pine, nutmeg, ginger or vanilla as other Christmassy scents) and a third that’s just generic that you can use any time!

You can download the labels here! (opens in new window)

Simply print on sticker paper and cut around whichever label you want to use. You can also print them on normal or heavier stock paper and affix with double sided tape as I’ve done here.

Follow my step-by-step instructions to create your own Christmas room spray

And that’s it! The smell of Christmas in a bottle, perfect for gift giving or a hostess gift!

Try your hand at making my own DIY Christmas room spray with essential oils.

DIY Christmas room spray with free downloadable labels - Swoon Worthy

I admit, I’ve already been spraying this with reckless abandon this week and it’s really got me feeling Christmassy!

I’m planning on making a few of these to give out together with some handmade candles to friends and family. I was considering doing another post with the candles that have a similar style of label that you can download to make a little set to give away – would you like to see that? If so, let me know in the comments! If not, that’s fine, just checking – ha!

Do you make any homemade gifts at Christmas? Do you reckon you might try a Christmas room spray out?


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