*This post is the third of a 3-part series of making your own home made gift set using essential oils! Check out my DIY Christmas Rooms Spray and my DIY Soap with Essential Oils – all with downloadable labels to make a matching set!*

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So it’s Black Friday if you haven’t checked your emails, social media or have been hiding under a rock (and if you have, I salute you for escaping it). Yes, you can run out and get some deals on Christmas presents, of course. But if you really want to give a thoughtful gift that you’ve made with your own hands and don’t love that crazy push for consumerism that this day tends to press upon us, well, you may enjoy my post today.

DIY Christmas Essential Oil Gift Set with free printables - Swoon Worthy

There’s something rather lovely and personal about receiving a homemade gift, isn’t there? And in my eyes, it’s even better if it DOESN’T look like it’s a DIY but still has that same love and attention poured into it. Well, over the last week, I’ve been sharing a few items you can make to form a really cute home made gift set for Christmas (and yes, of course there’s still time!)

Here’s the last piece – a super simple DIY Soy Wax candle fragranced with essential oils.

DIY Cinnamon Orange and Clove Christmas Candle

Last week I shared a room fragrance and on Wednesday, it was soap. Today is the last piece of a 3-part series, creating a really lovely Christmas candle. Obviously any one of these items would make a lovely stocking-stuffer, hostess gift or a gift for your own home but I thought it’d be nice to be able to package them all together as a set.

DIY Orange Cinnamon and Clove Christmas Soy Wax candle with essential oils - Swoon Worthy

As before, I’m providing free printable labels which all work in conjunction with one another – there’s one for the Orange, Clove and Cinnamon combination that I’m sharing today, one that’s for any other fragrance combination you might want to create for Christmas gift giving and finally a generic one for any time of year.

I’ve done a post previously on making your own soy wax candles so I didn’t want to repeat it all by taking pictures of all the steps, however, here’s what you’ll need for these particular ones…

Cinnamon, Orange and Clove Soy Wax Candles

Christmas candle materials

(Makes 3 candles – increase the quantities to make more or less)

~ 1/2 kilo Soy Wax Flakes *

Amber Glass Jars *

3 Wicks 100mm Long *

30 drops Orange Essential Oil 9 ml *

50 drops Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil *

20 drops Clove Bud Essential Oil *

Glue Dots * (optional, but it does help keep the wick in place whilst it’s cooling)

Labels (download here – opens in new window)

*denotes afilliliate link – you don’t pay any more but you’ll be contributing a few pennies to Swoon Worthy! Win-win!

Follow the steps in this post to make them – it’s exactly the same!

DIY Orange Cinnamon and Clove Christmas Soy Wax candle with essential oils - Swoon Worthy

If you follow all three recipes, the labels, fragrances and packaging all match but of course, every single recipe is fully customisable. This is what your complete set will look like once you are done!

DIY Christmas Essential Oil Gift Set with free printables - Swoon WorthyDIY Christmas Essential Oil Gift Set with free printables - Swoon Worthy

As I said previously, you can EASILY make a few of these sets in a single afternoon. Once you have the materials, you’ll find yourself actually enjoying the process. I have 3 sets I’ve made already and I’ll probably make a few more before Christmas!

For easy reference, here are the other two tutorials:

How to Make Christmas Room Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Christmas Soap with Essential Oils

On Monday, I’ll be sharing the start of my Christmas decorating so stay tuned for that!

So, did you enjoy this little series? Is it making you feel all Christmassy? Will you be giving out some homemade gifts this year?

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