So July was a busy month for me mostly because we went on holiday for a week and as I don’t get paid holidays any more (ahh yes, freelance does have it’s drawbacks), I had to double up on my work load in the week before and the week after we were to return because, well, mama still needs to pay the bills. It got a little bit crazy which was part of the reason I decided to take 2 weeks off the blog just so I was able to go away and then get back and get caught up again.

One thing that was rather exciting, however, was 2 days after getting back from Menorca, I did some filming with Together Insurance as part of their #MakingSpaces campaign where they both interviewed me as well as filmed the house. I’m really excited about it and both Amanda and Liam were amazing and really made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I’m both dying to see the finished result as well as scared to death but of course, I’ll share it with you here when I’m able to!

Together Insurance Filming

You may also recall that back in May I was one of the judges for a local interior design competition here in the North West to find Plumlife’s new stylist where one amateur interior designer’s room scheme would be chosen to create a lovely show home living room. Well, we chose our winner – Lucie Tidmarsh who created such a professional, well thought-out submission and I can’t wait to see her design come to life. We were so impressed by so many of the entries that we decided to also acknowledge two runners up – Alix Gothard (who’s a Swoon Worthy reader! Yay! Thanks Alix!) and Cristina dos Santos as well. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations ladies!! You all rock!

Plumlife Interior Stylist competition

I also ventured to the beautiful Chelsea Harbor in London for KLC’s Design Masterclass provided by Amara Interior Blog Awards for a group of interior design bloggers. It was a really inspiring day made more special for seeing some of my blogger friends – it’s always good when a bunch of us get together! (And no, I have no idea what’s going on with my face there. Or my hair for that matter.)

KLC design masterclass

A couple of mentions that I need to just say thank you for…

  • The lovely Hannah from With Love in Mind listed me in her post ‘Blogs I’m Lovin’ which was super flattering – there are some other great blogs listed as well so have a look at that to discover some new reads and of course, check out Hannah’s blog as well! Thank you Hannah!
  • I was also featured on Natwest’s blog talking about our experience in renovating both the cellar and the kitchen and what we did on each to save some much-needed cash so if you are looking to start your own renovations, you might find our story interesting!

Annnnyway, I create so many advice and how to articles that obviously do not sit on Swoon Worthy that I thought you might like to have a read when you are relaxing and killing some time! You can click on any of the links and they’ll open in new windows so you can click on them and go back to them if you like ;)

So on AO, I talked about Creating a Fresh Look in Your Bedroom this Summer – using warm colours or textural neutrals, it’s all about visually lightening the space and clearing the clutter.

summer textiles

Over on Lighting Majestic, I talked about Displaying Collections and to make any collection look beautiful and functional, no matter what the size.

sw display collections

Over on Tile Mountain, I talked about getting the look of brick tiles without having to go through the expense and mess of removing plaster or finding the perfect warehouse flat – porcelain tiles that really look like the real deal.

sw exposed brick wall living room

I also shared some inspiration for Boot rooms and Mudrooms!

sw brick floor mudroom

And I talked about Creative Flooring for Bathrooms – it’s a huge trend now of bring pattern to a bathroom floor (I have it in my own bathroom in fact) and I love it!

sw 29th_Ave_Bathroom_Makeover_Curbly_05_large_jpg

And finally on Oak Furnitureland, I talked about bringing the summer weather indoors and creating a light and airy home.

sw light airy living room

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s edition of Something for the Weekend! It’s supposed to be sunny this weekend so I’m off outdoors to soak up some much-needed sunshine! What are you up to this weekend? Any exciting plans! Do tell…


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