So a few months ago, I created a post called How to Choose Wallpaper. In it, I shared 7 different inspiring room and wallpaper combos and gave some tips on using wallpaper in a room that’s essentially completed. Well, I’m back for a second instalment because y’all seemed to like that one and I enjoyed putting it together so I figured I’d share 5 more with you today!

I think most interior designers will say that wallpaper is one of the first things that should be chosen in a room and in a perfect world, of course this would be true. But if you have a room where you’re working with existing decor or you just want to refresh a space, that ‘ideal world’ situation doesn’t always happen.

See, here’s the thing. I love wallpaper. I love how much it can add to a room or pull it together or create some drama in a room where drama may be sadly lacking. I don’t think there’s many rooms out there that can’t benefit from wallpaper in some way or another because well, I’m a maximalist. And while my ‘just right’ may be your ‘too much’, it’s just the way I roll. I like to feel like there’s SOMETHING happening in a room and a room that lacks a certain amount of pattern or drama or texture or colour can feel a bit flat and boring to me. C’est la vie.

So I’ve chosen 5 rooms today that I felt could benefit from a little wallpaper love. They are all lovely, stylish rooms in their own right, that’s for sure but can they be kindly nudged into awesome? Um… I think so. Let’s get started, shall we?

TIP: Pay attention to the pattern scale.

Let’s start with my own bedroom. For the longest time, I have had my eye on Hygge & West’s Diamonte wallpaper because I think it’s amazing and beautiful and SHINY.

Wallpaper Room Combo 1

Despite the fact there’s a lot going on in the room already, I think the small scale of the lines making up the pattern aren’t busy enough to conflict with some of the larger and bolder patterns in the room. I have yet to pull the trigger on this one but it’s been nagging me for a while to add some wallpaper to this room (see maximalist statement above) so you just never know…

TIP: Add organic shapes to a room that has a lot of hard angles.

For my second room/wallpaper combination, notice how straight all the lines are in here? And now nice the floral arrangements they’ve placed in the room break up all those hard angles?

Wallpaper Room Combo 3

Well, using a wallpaper with lots of movement is a great way to bring in something that will not only be eye-catching but will also add some softness and organic texture to a room. I adore this crazy rainforest inspired wallpaper (probably because the cat looks a bit like Meisha but let’s ignore that for a second) by Hayley Louise Crann called Ocelot.  The colours are muted with the dusty greens, purples and that golden highlight acting as secondary players to the greys, blacks and whites here.

TIP: Use a mural with perspective to add depth.

Now I do love a good mural and this next room is MOODY. That colour palette is just so dark and brooding and yes, I’m going to have to say it (see the disclaimer in my last post) – masculine (*cringe*).

Wallpaper Room Combo 2

The mural marries all those elements, all those colours so beautifully but also would give the room incredible depth. The large velvet headboard (totally swoonworthy mind you) feels a bit like a visual full stop in the space and yet, the mural behind the bed would let the eye wander on and on and on. It’s like magic.

TIP: Fake it til’ you make it.

Oh how I love this next space! Gah! The crazy weirdness of it just appeals to me and the mix of styles is amazing. It’s a great room, really. But can’t you just picture this Coordonné wallpaper in there?

Wallpaper and Room Combo 4

I love how it looks like encaustic tiles that have been weathered and worn – a perfect foil for those turquoise metal chairs and vintage rug and yet there’s no faffing with grout or installation or hell, even weathering – and yet, the tiles look as though they are already perfect aged (wabi sabi at it’s best). You can get the lived in look in so many forms with wallpaper – from tiles to bricks to wood – without ever having to wait for something to age perfectly.

TIP: Pile on the happiness factor.

Our final room is just so – I so don’t wanna use this word but I’m going to dammit – WHIMSICAL. It’s fun and fresh and the colours are just so summery and welcoming. And well, you know I like a good pineapple. So marrying that fresh light fun colour palette with this absolutely joyous wallpaper from Hygge and West is just a match made in heaven.

Wallpaper Room Combo 5

And finally… I just have to include this mural from Surface View because THIS – THIS is what I mean about how great wallpaper can be. I can’t even.

surface view national art gallery mural

So… what do you think about these wallpaper and room combinations? Are you considering adding wallpaper somewhere in your home? Any favourites you’re eyeing up at the moment? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


Room image sources: My own / Stadshem via Nordic Design / Suzy Hoodless via House and Gardens (Sharyn Cairns Photography)/ Belinda Cendron via Hello Citizens (DL Photography)Rafa Diéguez for ELLE Decor España

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