It’s FRIDAY PEOPLE! Can I get a hell yeah? *listens for the hell yeah* (It’s okay I heard it – it was in your head, wasn’t it?)

I am super excited because on Saturday, we are getting a new SWOON WORTHY FAMILY MEMBER. And yes that’s all in caps because I’m stupidly happy about it and no, I’m not talking about a human baby or anything – we are getting a new puppy!! Specifically this gorgeous little man:


For reals people I mean HOW CAN ONE PUPPY BE SO FREAKING CUTE?! HOW, MIGHTY UNIVERSE, IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?! If you follow me on Instagram, you will already have seen a few pics of our gorgeous little boy but I’ll do a proper introduction post once he’s actually arrived. Meisha is gonna shit herself, I know, bless her, but well, this is life and life SHOULD HAVE DOGS IN IT.  Okay, I’m going to stop using that caps lock because it’s annoying – I’m just really excited. Soz.

Annnnyway, it’s my round up post of the month where I just let you guys know about places I’ve been featured or where I’ve been babbling about interiors around the beautiful world wide interwebs. Now, I create so many advice and how to articles that obviously do not sit on Swoon Worthy that I thought you might like to have a read when you are relaxing and killing some time! You can click on any of the links and they’ll open in new windows so you can click on them and go back to them if you like ;)

First off, for the features:

So let’s get on to the meaty advice articles, shall we?

On AO Life, I talked about the microtrend of Hexagons and Honeycombs, a graphic pattern I see again and again and one that’s certainly ‘buzzing’ in interiors at the moment (oh yes she did).


I also spoke about the 2015 Garden Trends including how dark interiors have made their way outdoors. Check out all the others too.

2015 Garden Trends

I was also challenged to share 15 different ways you can update your kitchen using my own as an example of various tips and tricks that don’t have to cost an entire remodel. I couldn’t believe we’ve done all over these things over the last few years and we’re still not done. WTF.

15 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Option 2

Over on Oak Furnitureland, I asked if we’re all missing a trick painting our ceilings white? Check out lots of gorgeous inspiration that will make you think twice. I mean, how stunning is that green?!

painted ceiling green dining room

I also shared 10 Paint Projects You Can Tackle In a Weekend, a little roundup of lots of little DIYs to keep you busy including these cute little painted rocks that can work as magnets or as paper weights. Plenty more inspo where that came from.

painted rock magnetsI also talked about what REALLY makes a house a home – and it’s not fabulous decor surprisingly.

bengal cat leopard print cushion dressing room

Over on the Sofa Store, I talked about 6 Clever Ways to Create a Library in Your Home. It’s total lala dreamland to have a library someday for me so this was a total eye candy / dreaming session putting this post together. Of course, I just had to include my bloggy buddy Kirstin from Bliss at Home’s amazing DIY Billy Bookcase hack with grasscloth wallpaper. Swoony, no?


Over on The Lighting Expert, I talked about 8 Things Every Bedroom Needs, including plenty of touchable textures. Isn’t that bedroom just eclectic boho awesomeness? Well, there’s plenty more eye candy in the post so head on over to check that out.

touchable textures in the bedroom

On Tile Mountain’s blog, I talked about 4 Different Ways to Add a Statement to Your Interiors including one of my favourites – an oversized, LOOK AT ME light fixture.

oversized lighting in the dining room

I also talked about an amazing marble lookalike – porcelain tiles (which are really easy to maintain, non-absorbent, hard-wearing, etc) which match the look of marble without the upkeep. I’d seriously consider these babies somewhere in my home… aren’t they gorgeous?

calacatta marble porcelain bathroom

And finally, over on The Sofa Store, I talked about 10 Mistakes to Avoid when decorating your living room. While I’m all for throwing out the rule book, sometimes it’s just easier to know what not to do and I’m sharing plenty of pretty as examples of things that are done right (although I will say as much as I absolutely freaking ADORE this room, I really want to swap out that rug to a bigger one – but they did something else VERY right so that’s what we’re focussing on! Ahem.)

floating furniture

Well that’s a lot of reading to keep you busy. Hell, if you made it to the end of this post, I reckon you deserve a gold star. Or a cookie. Or my undying gratitude which, frankly, is way better than a star OR a cookie.

Happy weekend all! What have you got planned? Spill!


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