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Happy Friday!! Well it’s that time of the month again where I share a round up of everywhere I’ve been writing on these ol’ interwebs, say thank you to those who have featured me and give you some news on what’s happening in my world!

First off, I wanted to let you know I am going to be appearing on the Super Theatre Stage at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester on Sunday, 7th June at 11am and 2pm on How to Get a Glam Look on a Budget.

Ideal Home Show Banner

If you are visiting the show, I would absolutely LOVE to see you there. This is the first time I’ll be addressing a big crowd like this so seeing some friendly faces in the audience would definitely go a long way in alleviating my nerves! (Oh yeah, I totally added myself to that lineup because CLEARLY they forgot. Ahem. Ya know, me and Lawrence, we go way back…)

I also wanted to let you know about a competition that I’m judging that may mean that YOU are chosen as a stylist on a great competition. Plumlife are searching for a stylist to design a new living room and they are looking for budding interior enthusiasts!

Woodward-Kelly and Co Interior Designer Fiona Woodward-Kelly, Swoon Worthy Blogger Kimberley Duran, Stockport College Foundation Degree in Interior Design with Sustainability Program Leader Juli Parr and Plumlife Group Head of Sales and Marketing Lisa Weatherman. credit:

Plumlife Stylist Judges: Woodward-Kelly and Co Interior Designer Fiona Woodward-Kelly, Swoon Worthy Blogger Kimberly Duran, Stockport College Foundation Degree in Interior Design with Sustainability Program Leader Juli Parr and Plumlife Group Head of Sales and Marketing Lisa Weatherman.

Could it be you? You will win a lovely Paint Brush trophy, the chance to work with them to chose furnishings and accessories and walk away with £200 in M&S vouchers. It would be a fabulous opportunity to get into the interior design business and certainly something to add to your portfolio. Want to learn more? Go here (opens in a new window).

If you are a blogger, you might find two interviews I did recently interesting. I shared my thoughts on working with PR agencies on Cison’s website (which ended up being quite popular on Twitter!) and how unfortunately, so many PR agencies seem to think about blogs as just free advertising. Well, we all know we are worth more than that! So hop on over if you’d like to read my thoughts on that and how I like to work with companies.

Cison Interview

I also recently came across the really lovely blog by Tiina Wilen, the Creative Director of ELCE STOCKHOLM out of Sweden. I found her site so refreshing for a Swedish interiors blog – normally it’s all clean lines and white but this is a girl who likes her glam! Check out her amazing kitchen and dining room that she did for the ORC!

Tiina Willen ORC Kitchen and Dining Room

Well, she has a new entrepeneur series on her site and she interviewed me for that for more thoughts for those wishing to take their blog to the next level or enter a freelance creative career. (She also shared my ORC office reveal! Thank you Tiina!)

Some other features you might want to check out:

  • You may recall I recently changed my wallpaper in the living room to the wonderful design of Sian Zeng. Just a big thank you there for reproducing my article on How to Choose Wallpaper on her own site!
  • I had a few shout outs for my ORC Office reveal from Mimosa Lane, Design Improvised and Vanessa Francis. Thanks so much to all of you! Each had their own take on things like trends and design tips they took from the entrants and it makes for some interesting reading.
  • I also was featured as one of the contributors on Wayfair recently where they spoke to a number of bloggers about ‘Real Home Inspiration’, specifically on bathrooms. Lots of gorgeous inspiration there so check that out as there are lots of great ‘real life’ ideas you can take from others who have tackled bathroom remodels.
  • On Furniture Importers, they spoke of my coffee table styling and how to add personality to your own! Thank you to them!

Now, I create so many advice and how to articles that obviously do not sit on Swoon Worthy that I thought you might like to have a read when you are relaxing and killing some time! You can click on any of the links and they’ll open in new windows so you can click on them and go back to them if you like ;)

I think my favourite article I wrote this month was for AO Life where I spoke to the lovely Igor Josif of Happy Interior Blog and Judith De Graff of Joelix who head up the amazing inspirational community that is Urban Jungle Bloggers.

The Rise of the Houseplant with UJB logo

The Rise of the House Plant with Urban Jungle Bloggers covers the trends happening in the plant world right now as well as what we can expect to be the next big thing in plants. For a botany lover like myself, this was pure green joy. I think you’ll like it too!

Over on Lighting Majestic, I talked about getting that gorgeous Boho look for your home in How to Get the Moroccan Look In Your Home.

How to Get the Moroccan Look In Your Home

Gorgeous textiles, lighting and plants all got a mention but you’ll have to have a read if you love this look as much as I do for more tips and a little buying guide too!

On Oak Furnitureland, I share 8 ways to give your bathroom a refresh this summer! Without having to gut and remodel – sometimes all it takes is a bit of creativity ;)

bathroom refresh

Over on the SofaStore, it was another ‘get the look’ post where I recreated this lovely eclectic Scandinavian style living room using the clean lines and go-with-anything style of the Jackson Sofa.

Get the Look Jackson SofaAnd finally, on FADs blog, I gave some tips on How to Make Pink Look Chic in Your Interiors using my own office as a bit of inspiration on getting a sexy look.

Swoon Worthy Eclectic Boho Glam Office

So that’s everything that’s going on!! Whew! Anything that catches your eye this month? Will you be entering that Plumlife competition or attending the Ideal Home Show? What have you got planned for your weekend? Anything exciting? Do tell…


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