As much as I tell you about myself on this here blog, I tend not to go into too many personal details but I thought this was kind of big and it’s been brewing for a while and I felt the need to share with you guys.

You probably know by now that for my ‘day job’, I’m the Editor of AO at Home,’s lifestyle blog. It’s a great gig and one that I’m very thankful for. I work with a talented group of bloggers who are my contributors and we produce some really amazing content. In the last year and 9 months since I took on the role, the blog has gone from pretty much a non-existent audience to a really buzzing site which is doing so well – incredibly well – and I’m really proud of it and my little team.

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In the meantime, Swoon Worthy has gone from strength to strength. I know I don’t post here every day and that was a decision I took some time ago. That I wouldn’t feel guilty if I couldn’t do that but that when I did post, I would make sure that I was putting quality content here, not fluff, not ‘look it’s a pretty room!’ with no commentary. I would always be sure that when you stopped by, it was worth your time and attention. At least that was always my aim.

I also started to be approached by more and more companies to work with me on Swoon Worthy. Now, while I do have the occasional sponsored post, I want you to know that I turn down SO many more offers than I accept. I only work with companies that I actually like and that I’m happy to recommend to you guys. If I wouldn’t put it in my house, I’m not putting it on my blog. It’s as simple as that really.

I also started getting approached about more frequently about freelance writing work. You might know that I also contribute to Oak Furnitureland’s lifestyle blog.

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I’m also in talks with another company about freelancing for them (it’s such a lovely site, I can’t wait to share it with you). I also do blog consultancy on the side and I’m working with a company at the moment to get their blog up and running. I’ve dabbled in a bit of interior design on the side too.

Oh and I am finally beginning to make plans for opening an Etsy shop selling prints of my art work.

As exciting as all of this is, it also means my work-life balance is all screwed up. I mean, I know everyone’s busy. I don’t need to sit here and moan about how busy I am because no one wants to hear that. And the truth is, I’m incredibly grateful that I have opportunities opening up for me since starting Swoon Worthy. Busy is good, right?

Indeed it is. But busy to the point where I have very little social time, when I refuse a night out on Friday because I have too much work to do on Saturday (and I can’t recover from hangovers in a day like I used to) and busy to the point where I have to tell Wayne we can’t go to the pub on a sunny weekend because I have blog posts to write or a project to photograph… It’s just starting to be a bit too much. I just want a little bit of ‘me’ time back. And I want a bit of ‘me and Wayne’ time back.

So *drumroll* as of 1st of September, I have taken a bit of a scary step. AO is such a good company to work for that they’re allowing me to go part time (down to 3 days a week) so that the other 2 days I can concentrate on my freelance work and my blog.

I know, how cool is that?! I’m so excited by this and so grateful that they are still happy to have me continue my work on AO at Home and are allowing me to gain back a bit of the work-life balance that’s been missing for the last year.

And I’m grateful to you guys. For listening to me waffle and supporting and encouraging me. I freaking love every last one of your comments, I love the tweets, I love the Facebook posts and I love the personal emails. Swoon Worthy is my baby but it just wouldn’t mean anywhere near as much without you guys. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart – you guys are awesome and it’s because of you that I’m able to take my first little scary steps into freelance.

So I just wanted to say a very big thank you and if you can tell me that everything is going to be okay and pet my head and tell me not to worry too much, that would be very cool too.

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