Well, crazy as it may seem and after months and months (and months and months ad nauseam) of beavering away slowly on this room, the bathroom is finally completed.  Why did it take us so long? Oh there are loads of reasons but I won’t bore you with them. It boils down to mostly just working on it as and when we got the chance and as it’s the only bathroom in the house, throughout the work, we’ve never NOT had a working toilet or shower which will slow things considerably as the bathroom needed to be put back together again at the end of each day of work.

While the really messy stuff was completed last year, the hex tiles definitely was the one job that lasted far longer than it ever should have. C’est la vie, it’s done now and so I’m going to share it with you!


But first a reminder of the before… It just goes to show how long ago I took these pictures because you’ll see our cat Senna (RIP gorgeous girl) in the pictures – these were taken in June of last year, yes a whole year ago!!

There is not a single part of this bathroom that hasn’t been replaced or renewed. The entire bathroom was torn to shreds including ripping out that false ceiling and my home was in chaos for a couple months as well.

By the way… could this be the slowest of all makeovers per square foot in the history of all time?  Possibly. Do I get a tiara if so? Because I’d rock that tiara with my ‘mmHMM‘ girl face on.

But finally, we can get to the good stuff… I’m going to talk in more detail about my sources in another post so hang tight for all that but in the meantime, I thought you might just want to look at the pictures…

Welcome to my new bathroom…

The window in the bathtub which was causing us some bother ended up getting a little bit of detail by way of a steel corner bracket painted gold to match the shower rail.  I rather love it.

You can see better how it works in the room with the shower curtain pulled back.

I really need to show you how gorgeous this light is in the evening as well…

The bathroom has two types of lights – this one for when you just want to relax in the bath or early in the morning when a blaring light is just too much… plus the normal spot lights which operate on two different switches.

Raising the ceiling in here and tiling right up to the cornicing has made a world of difference to this little room. It’s really hard getting pictures in here but the space doesn’t feel small and cramped, it’s actually quite nice to be in!

Like I said, I will be sharing all my sources in an upcoming post but in the meantime, I hope it was worth the wait and you like what we’ve done in the smallest room in the house :)

Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me as I teased you endlessly with this room’s completion! Now you’ll have to excuse me as I’m off to check out my tiara in the bathroom mirror…

Don’t miss a thing!

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