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First off, I just wanted to say a big hello to all of you who have found me via Young House Love! I’m a little overwhelmed by how many new followers I’ve gained and I’m so very grateful to have you here – thank you thank you thank you! Smooches.  Ok, on with the post…

I think I’ve been looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree for at least a couple of years. I know they are ridiculously popular (at least in the US) but it’s one of those trends that is a trend for good reason – they add sculptural quality, organic shape and life to a room – and I’m completely smitten no matter how many times I see them. I bought a plant last year from Ikea but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for (I really wanted the tree!) and the search continued. It didn’t seem like anyone had them in this country – I’d gone as far as contacting local nurseries, emailing online suppliers and no one had them. I’d given up on this particular dream and started to do a little research to see if I could find something that had the same sort of gravatas as this particular species. I couldn’t.

And then, as fate would have it, I saw yet another picture in blogland of a gorgeous specimen and decided to resume my search. Well, wouldn’t you know, I found a supplier.

Now this is not a sponsored post – I am just excited and I know that there must be others here in the UK that are desperate for a little of this greeny goodness in their own homes too and so I wanted to share. Who knows, this place may get inundated by orders and sell out quickly seeing as they are clearly not that popular in this country. If so, you can thank me later, House of Plants.

On the look out for a fiddle leaf fig tree to add to your home? I'm sharing my new found UK source!

Yes, House of Plants carries two different sizes – a larger one at around 190cm and a smaller one at 140cm. With Wayne balking at me spending £180 on something I could very well kill, I decided on the smaller one at £97. One other precaution that I took was purchasing their self-watering container – this way, there is no chance of me either over or under watering it (something that I couldn’t quite seem to crack with the fiddle leaf plant I had and some of the leaves had started to go brown).

I figured if I was already spending so much, I might as well protect my investment!

My new fiddle leaf fig tree with self-watering container

The plant came really quickly and a very nice man even phoned me to arrange delivery. If you order it with the self-watering system, they will pot it all up for you ready to go. You just unwrap it and Bob’s yer uncle!

Love the look of fiddle leaf fig tree's? Check out where I've picked up the perfect one for my home!

A side note: I apologise for the quality of my photography in these pics – it was a very overcast day so they aren’t quite as good as they could be. Must master the camera in crappy light conditions when you are taking pictures with a big window.

Anyway, I changed things around a little vignette-wise too. I was asked by West Elm if I’d like to write an article for their blog Front & Main (eeeek!!) on styling a coffee table (which is ironic as I feel like I’ve only just cracked that recently) but it was good fun changing things around.

Here’s a little sneak peek… come back on Thursday for more.

So what you see here is how the room ended up but on Thursday I’ll share three different looks you can try.

You’ll see the little old coffee table – turned side table has finally been styled up a bit and my gold skull has made an appearance along with that pretty little glass and brass pineapple that I got from Zara Home in the sales. I’ve filled it with mint imperials because they are so pretty and simple. I used one of my little brass mini brandy cups (from eBay) as a match strike (even though it clearly has nothing to strike with – I’m calling it poetic license in decorating).

Turning my home into a jungle with some new plants including one of my favourites, a fiddle leaf fig tree.

The sofa has also got a new addition from Hollie at Stuck on Hue – a gorgeous large cushion in Waverly Santa Maria Desert fabric that I’ve loved for quite some time. It picks up the colours in the living room so nicely.

Speaking of cushions, do you karate-chop your cushions? I just can’t get into it. Every time I try it, it just looks like I’m trying way too hard. So fluffed and full it is for this sofa.

Brightening up my home with some new plants including a fiddle leaf fig tree.

My coffee table got a little zhushed in the styling process as well although funny enough, it ended up being a combination of all the looks I’ll share with you on Thursday.

If you’re wondering where the dragon tree is that I only just purchased, it’s now in my dining room next to the console table where the fiddle leaf plant used to be. I gave up on the fiddle leaf plant because Meisha kept trying to attack it (sigh) and it’d lost so many leaves on the bottom. We are going to give it to Wayne’s mum in the hopes that she can revive it (if anyone can, she can – she’s brilliant with plants of all kinds, so much better than I am!). At least on my new plant, the leaves are high up and more out of reach for curious kittens. Fingers crossed.

Adding life to my living room with a new fiddle leaf fig tree

So anyone else been searching for fiddle leaf fig trees? Does anyone want to take some bets on how long I’ll manage to keep this one standing? Ever give in to a popular trend because you really could care less how saturated blogland is with it? Do you karate-chop your cushions? Want to share what you had for breakfast today? I don’t mind, I’m all ears.

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