We all know that I’m a colour-loving OTT gal.  However, after I took down the Christmas decorations, it was as though my home sighed with relief, no longer heaving under the weight of so much decor, so much excess.  It felt blissfully pared back (I know, MY home feeling pared back – ok, so it’s not exactly Scandinavian but hear me out here)…

The crazy buzz of Christmas preparations lasted for a full 6 weeks for me and while I love it, I was really looking forward to the relaxation and quiet that comes in that week between Christmas and New Year.  And it was blissfully relaxing – with no work pressures, a bit of time off blogging, I felt like I had time to think and plan and of course, give my home a good clean and clear out.

Maybe it’s because of this feeling of shaking off the excesses of the Christmas period, I’ve found myself drawn to the simplicity and sophistication of pure blissful white with gold accents. It’s so grey and dark in January that the combination especially appeals to me – calming but a little glam at the same time. Because hey, if there’s any time we need a bit of clean and sparkle, it’s January.

You may have noticed that part of this clean up was in my design here at Swoon Worthy – this need to simplify goes further, I suppose, than just interiors and the clear, uncluttered look feels balanced and right at this time of year. (Obviously, if you are viewing this email from a reader, email or a mobile, you’ll need to check it out on a desktop!)

One of the things I’ve done is remove that annoying Blogger top nav menu (why did I not realise you could do that?!), cleaned up my profile introduction and changed my flavicon to a simple gold and white design.

I’ve also finally labelled all my posts (yep, all 400+ of ’em – quite a task!) into simpler categories. This way, if you only wanted to see my posts on the living room or just the garden, it’s a lot easier for you to find the content you’re looking for quickly.  In time, I want to include some drop down menus at the top for even more simplicity but until I can figure out how to do that, this will have to do!  This also means my ‘You May Also Like’ suggestions make a lot more sense.

See?  Simplicity!

In honour of this simplified look, I figured I’d pull a post together showcasing some dreamy interiors in this quietly sophisticated colour scheme…

Are you ready to be transported?  Well, then let’s begin…

Obviously, I’m a total maximalist and could never in a million years pull this look off in my interiors… but already I’m feeling a little calmer, a little more free of clutter and ready to set the new year alight.  Ahhhhh…. that’s better.

Do you feel it too?

Don’t miss a thing!

Interior image credits:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9.  All others my own.

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