So in my last post, I talked about being drawn to the simple glamour of white and gold. In my travels, I have actually picked up a few bits and pieces to satiate my need for this clean and sparkly palette – a gold and white headset to listen to tunes while I work (currently on sale!), a gold leaf and lacquer tray to hold cosmetics in my dressing room, a phone handle that plugs into your mobile to chat comfortably and a set of white pencils with gold writing that I hope will look rather smart in my future office (yep, I’m already starting to buy stuff to go in the office I don’t even have yet.. but when I got an itch, I gotta scratch.)

I do so many buying guides for AO at Home and decided that it’s about time I start doing them on Swoon Worthy a little bit as well – sharing some of the items that I’ve bought and loved and that I think you might too! The pencils, tray, phone and headset I already have but the rest are items on my ‘someday’ list…  I’m at the point of obsession with the Viking Lamp from Wolf & Badger – unless there’s a lottery win in my future, I doubt I’ll ever spring for it (it’s quite pricey) but goodness, it’s stunning.

Any favourites?  Do let me know and happy shopping!

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