Ok, so it’s not of me. But there have been plenty of requests for more Meisha so I figured I’d share a little video of her.  For those who can’t view the video because they have evil horrible bosses who don’t let you watch You Tube videos on their dime (pffft), there are some pictures too to sooth the pain.

For those wondering what this is all about, we got Meisha in September (here’s a little post introducing her). She’s crazy and full of personality and so naughty.  And I’m sure she’s getting bigger by the day.

But she does make us laugh (for instance, she’s fascinated with Wayne doing the dishes and I have to hold her up every evening to let her watch as he swishes the plates and cutlery and pots in so much sudsy water) and when she curls up in my lap, all sleepy and purring, she melts my heart. She’s definitely our fur baby in every sense of the word.

The one thing she doesn’t do well is sit still for pictures.  I can chase her around the house with a camera but getting decent pictures where she’s actually sitting still is near on impossible.  So I apologise for the lack of pictures on the blog.

Pablo is just slowly becoming more tolerant of her.  He doesn’t hiss at her any more or anything but she does relentlessly chase after him to play with her.  He normally warns her off with a gentle bat of his paw but I have noticed he does play with her at times, wrestling around or joining in with batting at one of her toys.  Things are looking up there at least.

So sit back, turn it up and enjoy the newest little star of Swoon Worthy, outwitted by a ladybird (or ‘ladybug’ as they call them in the States).  Please don’t expect Spielberg here or any fancy production quality by the way – this is purely just a bit of fun! ;)

If you want to see more of Meisha, follow me on Instagram as I share a lot more of her there!

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