I’m house crashing Tobe from Because It’s Awesome‘s place today – well, her blog specifically!  And I couldn’t be more excited.  I love Tobe’s blog, she’s cool and stylish and finds the best STUFF.  I doubt she needs much introduction but if you aren’t familiar with her because you’ve been chilling under a rock for the last few years, go and check her out.  She’s super awesome amazeballs.  And she’s preggers!  So excited.  That baby is gonna be rocking in some amazing digs, I have no doubt.

Anyway, I’m talking about 5 Decorating Myths Debunked and the rules I’ve learned to break whilst decorating my home.  Here’s one of them… go to the post to check them all out.

By the way, if you’ve come here from Tobe’s blog, HELLO AND WELCOME.  Hang on, I’m gonna put the kettle on.  Make yourself at home.

If you want to see pics of my place, go and click on that little link above called ‘House Tour‘ – it’s got pretty much every room and every project and lots of before and afters.  And if ya see something you like or ya just want to say hello or you have a question, please do let me know!  I love hearing from new folks.  My door is always open.  Well, not literally, that would be foolish but yeah, I’ll leave a key under the mat for ya and the bar cart is stocked.  Enjoy your visit.

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