So I’m a full six months into my job as the Editor of the AO at Home blog.  Even though I have a full distinction in my head between what I blog here and what I blog there, I often realise when I’m talking about trends that have caught my eye, they’d fit really on either blog.  However, my priority at the moment is growing the AO blog audience and making it great and so my efforts are getting pooled to there.

But that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Swoon Worthy by any means.  I love my own blog, it’s my first baby, it’s my first love.  I feel like I gave birth to Swoon Worthy but am fostering At Home.  I love them both so much, I feel passionate about both, I want them both to flourish and connect with people.

It’s not easy doing that with a ‘corporate blog’.  When looking at other UK corporate blogs, I’m usually left with a feeling of hollowness.  The information is generic, the interiors they show uninspiring, the commentary dry and impersonal.  I don’t want that for At Home.  I want to ensure that my personality and my contributors’ personalities shine through – that the interiors and crafts and recipes we show are not only aspirational but achievable.

Carole’s latest craft post – DIY Paper lanterns

I know I share some of the posts we do on the blog here but we’re moving from 3 posts a week to 4 posts a week (with the vision that we’ll eventually be posting 5 days a week).

My newest feature – Five Friday Finds!

It’s a bit more coordination and work bringing on more contributors and upping the weekly posts.  I’m mentoring one of our contributors at the moment, Sarah Murray who was a journalist in Australia and is doing an amazing job and making great progress as a new blogger herself.

Sarah’s latest post on Wire Furniture

I’ve recently pulled in a new recipe contributor – a blogger who I’ll introduce to you soon (she makes fabulous food and has beautiful photography, I’m rather excited) and of course, you probably already know the wonderful Carole Poirot of Mademoiselle Poirot who has raised the bar so high with her beautiful photography that I have to ensure everything we put on there meets the same standard of gorgeousness!

Carole’s last recipe post – Early Spring Salad

We’ve even got a male blogger joining us soon who will also be contributing recipes – he’s absolutely hilarious and I have no doubt he’ll appeal to both sexes.  I’m going to be looking for a craft blogger as well in the coming months (man that’s a hard one – craft bloggers in the UK are on the whole pretty twee – I want a cool crafter! If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!).  So it’s all taking off!  Lots of coordination and as I do all the pretty graphics on the site (except on Sarah’s posts who I’m helping with PS – talk about the blind leading the blind!) as well as write posts, a lot of work!

My post on the Neon Trend

It’s great though – I do love my job and feel extremely lucky and grateful to have two blogs that I am so passionate about.

I would love to know what you think. And I really want honesty – for me, what makes a blog great is the personalities of the writers shining through, a great eye, gorgeous imagery, accessible style.

What do you think makes a blog great?  Are there any ‘corporate’ blogs that you think are fabulous?  Is there more that I could do to make the At Home blog better?  There are a lot of plans in the works (a full redesign to name but one) but it’d be great to get your feedback.  Do let me know!

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