So I’ve picked up a few bits in my travels recently…

As you can see, despite having shitloads to do in the rest of the house, the dining room continues to get lavished with attention.  I have no doubt that the other rooms in my home are getting jealous and giving me the side eye when I walk into them.  I’ll be sharing some of the tweaks and some better non-instagram pictures with you soon – just as soon as the gallery wall is finally complete which will be very soon.

Also, that last picture is Abigail Ahern‘s new book, “Decorating with Style” which I’m salivating over.  If you aren’t familiar with Abigail’s style, she’s an English Interior Designer turned Entrepreneur with her own retail and online store and international interior design classes (the ones in the UK are held in her very own home in London).  She’s also active on Facebook and her own blog which is awash with her insider tips and tricks to get her very recognisable look – deep inky interiors with bright shocks of colour in quirky accessories and furnishings – in complete contrast to the typically English look.  Plus, she’s so accessible – if you ask her a question on her blog or FB, she nearly always takes the time to respond.  I can’t help but appreciate that she’s got that level of intimacy with her fans.  It’s no wonder I like her.

Have you picked up the new book yet?

You might have also noticed that I’ve got a new look on Facebook

The reason for update there is thanks to something else that’s new…

I finally took the plunge and decided to lease Adobe Photoshop CS6 via their Creative Cloud Suite.  It’s a monthly subscription service which allows me unlimited access to a rather expensive program at a pretty reasonable monthly rate.  I’ve considered doing it before but could never really justify the extra expense.  But since I’ve been learning so much working with Photoshop regularly for the day job, I thought it was about time I start applying what I know to my own little blog here.  Prettying up some of my posts and making things generally a little nicer around here.  It’s worth the extra monthly cost for me as I see it as an investment in my blog and my own skills and the timing felt right.

Speaking of investments – not in money but in time – I’ve changed my blog URL to one I’ve owned for a while now…

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but with a new look, I felt it was time to make the switch.  The old URL ( will still work, it’ll just redirect to the new address however if you have any links to my blog, can you please change it over to  It’ll just make things easier for Google to find me again!

Also, if you have me on your blog roll (and if you do, honestly, I’m so grateful and I cover you in virtual sloppy kisses), as ‘Getting It Swoonworthy’ can you just change the name to ‘Swoon Worthy’?  Otherwise, you don’t really need to do anything and it’ll be a very easy transition!

In return for your loveliness, may I present you with this very cute bunny in honour of Easter.


So this has been a pretty random post eh?  Kind of how my brain is at the moment – all over the place! Hope you are enjoying your extra long weekend and a very Happy Easter!

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