First off, thanks so much for all the helpful feedback on my little dining room dilemma in my last post!  Lots of great responses and it’s got my brain all in a spin (in a totally good way)!  I think the console with one really large print or two large related prints seems to be the overall consensus although if you haven’t given your thoughts, I am totally happy to hear them, don’t hold back!  I’m on the hunt, thanks to your lovely suggestions, for a gorgeous brassy gold-y console table at the moment but these things firstly, don’t come cheap and secondly, don’t fall out of the sky. So I’ll be looking for the right piece and see where it takes me.

Hopefully it will be something like this beauty.

Emily Henderson’s office.  Sigh.

Anyway, enough fantasising… the New Year has come and gone and I’ve started 2013 with gusto.  I’ve managed to squeeze in posts for Swoon Worthy as well as Appliances Online @Home but not only that, I’ve managed to secure a new fabulous regular contributor to the @Home blog who is a favourite blogger of mine and I know that you’ll love her too.  So that’s a little surprise but it’s coming.  Can’t wait to share soon!

Soooo what did I talk about this week over there?  Well, despite my love of all things ‘eclectic boho glam’, I have a bit of a soft spot for Industrial Style and have done for quite some time.  I seriously just need to buy a some old warehouse with exposed brick walls that I can explore that side of my interior style ;)  Ok, perhaps I should actually get this place done before I start planning the next but a girl can dream.

Anyway, I looked at some of my favourite industrial style storage available at the moment, from large shelving units to little wire baskets.  Yum Yum.  Something for everyone on that one.

I also talked about mixing metallics.  Is it okay to combine silver and gold in the same room?  Well, in my search, I found a load of fabulous images showing it can be done and to glittering effect.  Which is a good thing because I wasn’t sure how to break it to Wayne that I want to bring more gold into the kitchen.  It’s only a matter of time before he realises that I like to change my mind… he just needs to get used to it, right?

And lastly, I looked at animal prints.  Now, you all probably know by now how much I love a good sexy animal print but I thought I would look at fashion bloggers to lead the way in showing how it can be done with elegance and a bit of rock and roll.

Clicking on any of the above pictures will take you straight to the post!

I have some makeover plans this weekend which involve gold spray paint (now there’s a surprise) so fingers crossed the weather cooperates long enough for me to get ‘er done.  What are your plans?

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