Welcome to my still-unfinished-but-getting-there dressing room.

Oh yes, I know you’ve been here before.

Come in a little more and maybe you’ll notice there’s something different afoot!  (I kill me.)

I finally got my new rug.  You may remember I posted that I wanted to get this rug before.  Well, I found it on sale at Very.com for just £99.  Considering just how hard it is to find attractive rugs in this country for a reasonable price (aside from maybe Ikea), I am thrilled.

It picks up all the colours I want to incorporate in the room.  And matches lovely with the wallpaper that I’ll be getting soon (not soon enough for my liking but there ya go).

As a reminder, the wallpaper is Osborne & Little’s Grove Garden.  Love love love it.  I’m hoping to get it soon as I’m getting a little tired of the ‘magnolia’ coloured walls after working so hard to get them to a good condition


Just to get an idea of the impact textiles really make in a room, have a look at the room before the skirted vanity and rug…

And after…

Just adds that little bit extra zhush, don’t ya think?  A bit of colour and pattern never go amiss at Swoon Worthy HQ.   I keep swapping things about in the shelves, moving a shoe here, a bag or box there.

Notice my new little aqua elephant?  TK Maxx for a fiver.  He’s got a twin in the living room.

I wanted to brighten up the shelf on the right as it’s more shoes than anything else so have added a bit of colour…

Just a bit of leftover fabric from my yellow cushions in a white frame… Sainsbury’s had these lovely glossy white frames on sale at half price for just £2.75 each!  They have them in various sizes and are similar in style to Ikea’s classic Ribba frame but I think these are a bit more sturdy if that makes sense.  I have them in the living room and the guest bedroom as well.  The yellow picks up the colour in the rug and will pick up the colour of the wallpaper (eventually).

Oh and as you probably know, a few flowers never go amiss here either.  These cerise beauties are from Tesco.  £3 for 10 roses along with my milk and eggs and vodka?  Don’t mind if I do.

I just love that the pink of my phone case matches the room!  I know, I’m a bit sad noticing small details like that.  It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note if you were wondering – I love the megasized screen, great user interface and apps, couldn’t be happier with it.  Plus, I have a cute pink cover that I keep trying to think of ways to personalise.  And that ends my review of technology.  On with the post.

Oh I’ve also done something that I think makes me an official blogger.

I’ve taken another one of those white picture frames, inserted some patterned wallpaper and made it into a tray.  Yes, there’s really no doubt.  I’m a real blogger now.

I got the little glass jars from Matalan for a mere £2 each.  Bargain.  And now my cotton requirements when putting on or taking off my face are fulfilled.  It’s also a handy spot for my everyday jewelery.

So while I realise the updates have been subtle, adding a bit of texture and pattern in the room have really lifted it up and best of all, my feet aren’t walking on a cold wood floor in the morning!  Hurrah!

Added a touch of pattern or colour somewhere in your home?  Do tell!

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