If you recall from my last couple posts around my living room, I’ve been looking into getting some different artwork in there.  The framed pictures had been up for the last 2 years and I was craving something a little different, a little more colourful.

So when HelloCanvas.co.uk contacted me about the possibility of reviewing their photo canvases here on Swoon Worthy, I had a bit of a brainstorm.  I have been looking for some colourful artwork for my living room and I hatched upon a bit of a plan to create something completely unique.

Now, that said, I do get asked to review products for the blog but unless I feel it’s something my readers might actually appreciate, I generally decline.  However, this was not one of those times.

HelloCanvas.co.uk will take any photograph and transfer it to canvas.  So instead of using a photograph, I decided to download a copyright-free image from a photo stock website and use that as my canvas image.  HelloCanvas.co.uk then took the image and transferred it to a lovely large canvas and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The canvas itself is heavy and really well made (much nicer quality than the canvas I did my black and white abstract on) so I was impressed with that first and foremost.  I also got it in lightning quick time – less than a week from ordering it, it was at my door.  But the nicest thing was it didn’t lose any of the quality of colours in the printing process, everything being as brightly saturated as the original image.  And when I get good results like that, well, I have to share it with my readers.

**UPDATE:  Swoon Worthy readers can get their own canvas from HelloCanvas.co.uk at a discount!  Just use the code ‘helloswoonfans’ at checkout for 10% off!**

I also recently got this antique lamp off eBay (surprise surprise) but I hadn’t been happy with the vignette on the wallpapered chest of drawers so I decided to use one of the frames that I took down from the wall and swapped out the print.

I also found a brass ‘7’ in our cellar that I buffed up with a bit of Brasso and added it to the vignette as it’s not only a lucky number (although I’m not superstitious) but it’s also our house number.

The flamingo print is from MISI Handmade which is a bit like a UK version of Etsy.  I keep seeing flamingos all over the place and this one was perfect and added that punch of colour I’d been craving.  Swapping a few things around, I’m happy now that the chest of drawers now reflects my new more colourful palette that I’ve been going for in here.

I also picked up a couple of yellow dinner candles from Ikea for the wall sconces which again, add a bit of colour to the space.  I’ve actually had those sconces for 15 years (!) since I moved into my very first flat, purchased as a house-warming present from a friend of my parents.  They’ve been sprayed a few different colours now over the years and I’m considering spraying them yet again!  The best thing?  They are actually made out of plastic but you’d never know it looking at them on the wall.  That’ll be our little secret, okay?

So that’s the latest step forward introducing a bit of colour and fun to this room.  I think the wall still needs something and I’d like to get a few more smaller prints perhaps to hang around it as it looks a bit empty at the moment.

I’ve also had my eye out for a couple of chairs for that space to replace the black swivel chair but I haven’t come across anything yet that I really love that’s within my budget so that search continues.

The print also picks up the colours in the Zara tray on the coffee table – yay!

I did find it funny that all my picture taking didn’t even remotely disturb Senna’s nap on the sofa.  Oh she’s spoiled this kitty but I can’t resist when she’s so stinkin’ cute.  Not so cute when I’m removing all the hair she’s left behind on the velvet with a lint brush, mind you.

So, anyway, what do you think of the change?

Oh and if you like the cushions, don’t forget you can still get a 25% discount off from Swoon Worthy Homewares.

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