Well, it was entirely my ambition to post all about my back garden makeover today, the last piece of the puzzle having been completed on Friday afternoon.  The Easter holiday means a 4 day weekend here in England and whilst it’s been lovely having these days off, the weather has been less than cooperative with my plans.

Hardly the weather to be taking pictures of an outside space, isn’t it?  Booooo!!  Hard to believe we had bright sunshine and 20+ degrees C just a couple of weeks ago.  Mother Nature is a fickle mistress…

So, therefore, I’m going to have to post about something entirely different.  We’re moving inside again after having missed out on an auction for 19 faux bamboo chairs kind of like this…


Yes, you read that correctly.  NINETEEN.  An entire lot of them – with arms – on eBay with a starting bid of £30.  W actually encouraged me to go for it, buy them, fix them up and sell them.  I want 2 of them for the ends of my dining table but the rest?  Hmmm… a couple for the living room wouldn’t have gone amiss as well I suppose (black lacquer? oooh yes).  And I wouldn’t have been opposed to a couple others for the bedrooms.

Yes, I would have made it work!!  Even if my house would have been filled with these things until it burst or I sold them!


In the end, they went for a bit too much unfortunately.  Not even ridiculously high – around £140 at the auction end.  But it probably would have cost me nearly £200 just to go to King’s Lynn in Norfolk (about 250 miles round trip), pick them up with a rented van and bring them back… and then the cost of painting them and recovering them…. yes, I could have made the money back eventually but I wasn’t prepared for the initial outlay.  So it didn’t happen… sigh.

However, I still have faux bamboo on the brain and so I thought I’d share some of my latest pics from my Pinterest folder called, funnily enough, ‘Faux Bamboo‘.

These sweet white ones in pale blues and pinks are just picture perfect, aren’t they?


Speaking of picture perfect, how pretty in pink is this one combined with a green chinoiserie fabric headboard in green (and the curtains and the chair! holy fabric batman!)?  It’s a combination that I wouldn’t have guessed would work but it looks so fresh.


Beautiful in bright red and a charcoal and white fabric with little matching bolsters.


Red really works well for these pieces… how is this for sexy?  Bright red lacquer.  Oh yes.


Back to the dining room?  Oh okay, throw in that gorgeous light fixture and just name the time.  I’ll bring wine.  And vodka.  And cupcakes.  And whatever else.  I’m so there.


This is a slightly different style but just as lush…  and in combination with that gorgeous David Hick’s fabric, it’s a win-win.


I’m just hoping that whomever the lucky sod is that won the 19 chairs will take some pity on me and list a few for cheap!  In the meantime, I’m just going to live vicariously through my Pinterest board.

In better news, it appears we have a winner of the £50 voucher to use against a purchase at Swoon Worthy Homewares!  Thanks to Flooringsupplies.co.uk who were the sponsors of the competition, the winner is…

L of Boredzilla!

Congratulations L!  If you email me at swoonworthyblog {at} gmail {dot} com, I can give you your voucher code to use at Swoon Worthy Homewares.

Thanks everyone who took part!  Hope you are having a wonderful Easter!

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