With Spring finally within reach, I have been itching for some colour in my home.  While I do really love subdued tones like blacks, greys and white mixed with natural colours and textures, lately it seems I’ve been drawn to vibrant shades.

I reckon this new direction has a lot to due with the lack of colour during the grey Manchester winter.  Happily, the sun has been shining the last few days, despite the still rather chilly temperatures outside so I decided I needed to bring some of that sunshine indoors by shopping my house and adding just a couple of colourful accessories.

The black embroidered cushions I used to have on my sofa have a new home in the master bedroom (where they tie in quite nicely with the black wall, I’ll have to show you another time) and grabbed some brighter cushions for my sofa.  The eagle-eyed may recognise the cushions from my shop – the berry diamond link cushions and lime fretwork combine nicely to brighten up the sofa and compliments the yellow wallpaper.

(If you want cushions like this, you can still get 20% off by quoting SWOONFF12 at checkout when you visit my shop Swoon Worthy Homewares!)

I’ve added some peachy-orange cheapy roses (ooh yes, as a cheapskate, they are my speciality) to add a bit more colour in the ‘hole’ where the fireplace would be.  Um… no.  I still haven’t pulled my finger out and purchased the decorative wood pieces for this spot so a few flowers will have to do for now.

I did pick up this pretty tray at Zara Home recently.  Though difficult to tell in the pictures, it really does pick up the greens, yellows and pinks in the rest of the room.

Here’s a better shot of the tray – I love the colours and the tropical feel of it.  Yum Yum!

Of course, a bit of sparkle from a bling-y chandelier doesn’t hurt either!

I am considering swapping out the coffee table in here for something a little less ‘heavy’.  I feel a wee bit guilty as it’s one of the very few things that was originally from W’s home (a hand-me-down from his mum, bless) which has ‘survived’ my critical eye.  But what I would really like is something like this…

I love the two small tables grouped together – it gives you that much more flexibility to move them around if needed.  And they look great together too.


If I can’t find two matching smaller tables like that, then even a  single one in this style, would be wonderful…  I’m keeping my eye on eBay!

But back to my nowhere-near-as-pretty living room…

I also purchased this tortoise shell effect glass vase from Zara Homecan you tell they recently had an offer for 20% off and free shipping?  Ooooh she likes a bargain this kid!!

Again, difficult one to photograph when it gets blown out by the bright window behind it but here’s a better pic from the Zara website…

One thing I’m now considering is getting some colourful artwork for the wallpapered wall.  I’m so enamoured by the gorgeous watercolours I’m seeing all over blogville so it’s a definite consideration.  I think when we first wallpapered, I just wanted to enjoy it as it was and not distract from the pattern but I now feel ready to add a bit of something fabulous for the wall.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

I’m also rather desperate for a cool geometric rug in here.  I’ve been considering the possibility of this one from West Elm which I can actually get shipped from the States (my only hope of an affordable geometric rug as they don’t make them in this country)…

But as Spring is most definitely starting to spring already and despite whatever purchases I have yet to make, I’ll have to live with a few pretty cushions to keep me happy for now!

Have you swapped around your living spaces to brighten it up now that winter is on it’s way out?  Do you change your decor for the seasons?

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