Well, I’m very very proud to announce the launch of my wee little shop…

I registered the domain name long, long ago with my only idea that someday I might move the blog there… but this made so much more sense.

The concept was simple.  Bring the beautiful geometric fabrics of the United States (that are impossible to find on these shores) here to the United Kingdom.

At the moment, because I’m just starting out, the selection is a very carefully curated base of lovely bright colours that I believe will work with most colour schemes.  Soon, however, I’m going to look into bringing more fabrics this way and offering an even greater selection.

But as they say, if you are going to dream, you might as well dream big… so I know that more is on it’s way.

Even better?  I’m offering those of you in the UK a chance to win 2 cushions (worth Β£60) absolutely free.
All you have to do is pop on over to Florence Finds for the details.
Of course, the early bird gets the worm so if you can’t wait for a competition to end and you are eager to get some gorgeous geometric patterns into your home as soon as possible, then just visit to the shop 
and enter the coupon code
for 20% off right now!

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