Happy Friday peeps!  Well, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind week here at Swoon Worthy HQ!

I got to welcome a few more lovely followers to my ranks in various guises (Facebook and Twitter among others) so big smoochie hello’s to you if you are new around here! A very very big thanks to Rebecca’s endless support firstly, for the lovely post at Florence Finds featuring my lil’ abode – I received so many genuinely kind comments that I was afraid I might have to hire a trailer to tow my head back home from work for fear it wouldn’t fit in my Mini.

And then Tuesday saw the tie-in with the launch of my wee shop, Swoon Worthy Homewares along with a competition to win 2 free cushions of your choosing and that with Rebecca’s help and support again.  She’s an absolute star, that girl. 

What do you mean you haven’t entered yet?  What are you waiting for?   Go on, then, there’s still a few more days left…

Everyone was so lovely and supportive of my new little venture but I wanted to say a special thank you to the gorgeous El of {What You Fancy} and Careen of Inspire My House Pretty who both graciously featured my shop on their blogs.  Their write ups were so flattering and so kind – My heart bursts!  If you haven’t visited {What You Fancy} or Inspire My House Pretty before, I implore you to do so because you are in for a treat from both of these fabulous ladies.

Sooooooo seeing that I’ve been getting all sorts of loved up for blogland this past week, I thought I’d bring you some yummy gorgeous dreamy images using Black and White in an often neglected part of our home (I know it is in mine) – the stairwell and entrance.

Firstly, this stair well… are you dying?  Because you should be.


That black and white tile is just insane.  It’s also a bit MC Escher, don’t you think?  (And for the young ones, despite the name, he’s actually not a rapper from the 90’s).

Second image is this ultra glamorous Chanel entrance… goodness me, I wouldn’t even want to walk on it.


And the third may give you a bit of vertigo but oh god, it’d be worth it.


That pattern is just STAGGERING, no?  I just love the glimpse of the chequered floor all the way on the bottom.  Fabulous!

So if you are dizzy from that last image, it’s okay, I’m going to wrap it up by asking if you would ever do something so bold or so glamorous in your own entrance?  Of these images, do you have a favourite?  Do share!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  As for me, I have some friends from London coming to stay so I expect there will be above all, lots of laughter and sillyness, the bar cart being used to excess (oh dear), going to bed in the wee hours of the morning – and a very good possibility of a Sunday in which I stay in my pyjamas all day and watch crappy television.

Whatever your plans, make it a good one and thanks again for being so damn cool!! Y’all rock my world!! xxx

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